5 April 2018

Fbi seeks to control Indymedia and limit free speech

This report portends of a reckless attack on free speech and government legal action against all media who ignore fbi threats.

12 March 2018
Government & Law

To Correct The Inhumane CJS.

Here is summary of my insights into the current so-called Criminal Justice System which in effect is a criminal enterprise spearheaded by the supreme thugs in American society, the fbi, and is perpetuated by government institutions and colleges.

26 February 2018
Government & Law

remove the fbi from the government

Here is my message to the President for the removal of the fbi from our government.

21 February 2018
Government & Law

Crimes by fbi and federal judges

This paper identifies a gross injustice upon Americans and society and seeks theoretically to offer a framework for further analysis of the cogent issues presented herein.

27 January 2018
Government & Law

Arrest fbi Assassins

I present here the legal basis to arrest fbi assassins and their associates in crime.


human rights against fbi assassins and their hip pocket federal judges

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Typo: 5th paragraph should read: In the above link see the the faces of our torturers & murderers whom we sometimes identify as fbi, police, gang...

Fbi engages in a purge and other atrocities
3rd April 2018

The above link does not work; see: https://plus.google.com/+GeralSosbee/posts/VTdTtK9MKqq

The fbi's 'purge' is discreetly happening now
19th March 2018

Addendum: After item number 5 above, insert the following: Character assassination is an error under cap Fbi torture programs using...

Stop All Crime
13th February 2018

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