19 April 2018

Abominations By The Judiciary

The most murderous members of society enjoy absolute immunity for thei crimes against the people.

19 April 2018
Police & Prisons

Society To Hell In A Hand Basket

This post reflects the intense efforts of several of my friends and associates. I trust that the reader may appreciate the need to halt hate and violence by all in our global village.

18 April 2018
Police & Prisons
17 April 2018

A Wrap Up Of fbi and fmj Crimes

This report summarizes the methods and practices of fbi and fmj in efforts to jail or kill innocent Targets. I expect fbi to delete this post.

17 April 2018
Police & Prisons

Fbi crimes (continued)

This report was deleted by fbi hoodlums, thugs, reprobates and assassins.


human rights against fbi assassins and their hip pocket federal judges

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Typo: 5th paragraph should read: In the above link see the the faces of our torturers & murderers whom we sometimes identify as fbi, police, gang...

Fbi engages in a purge and other atrocities
3rd April 2018

The above link does not work; see: https://plus.google.com/+GeralSosbee/posts/VTdTtK9MKqq

The fbi's 'purge' is discreetly happening now
19th March 2018

Addendum: After item number 5 above, insert the following: Character assassination is an error under cap Fbi torture programs using...

Stop All Crime
13th February 2018

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