16 April 2017

Media Culpable As Accessories 1

In the tradition of Nazi war criminals the USA’s media are accessories to atrocities by cover-up, negligence, willful hiding and withholding documentaries that I have published for the past half century.

5 April 2017
Government & Law

Psychopaths All Around

This posts seeks to draw attention to a phenomena that most people had rather not recognize.

4 April 2017

fbi relies on FEAR

The fbi relies on the fear of the public in order to engage in the fbi's own crime spree against selected Targets, such as I.

2 April 2017

USA: A Nation Of Psychopaths Threatening The World

This report intends to reveal the psychopathology of our nation as directed by the fbi and its police state operatives and supporters.

30 March 2017
Government & Law

Law in the USA: The SCAM of the Millennium

See this report to better understand (than before) how so many millions of our people are illegally murdered and imprisoned by fbi and police.


human rights against fbi assassins and their hip pocket federal judges

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The fbi hacked into my smart phone while I was trying to post the above report; the fbi then deleted the following: Part One: That office...

American Tragedies Caused By fbi
1 day ago

Addendum: After item number 5 above, insert the following: Character assassination is an error under cap Fbi torture programs using...

Stop All Crime
13th February 2018

The Madrid street address above is not in Harlingen, but is in Brownsville, Texas.

Our Civilization Destroyed By fbi Assassins
27th October 2017

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