27 January 2018
Government & Law

Arrest fbi Assassins

I present here the legal basis to arrest fbi assassins and their associates in crime.

17 November 2017
War & Militarism

fbi retaliates again and again for my online success

The fbi deletes all of my recent posts at New Zealand Indymedia and also increases ELF attacks to cause sleep deprivation.

23 October 2017
Government & Law

A Wrap Up of fbi Crimes Against GERAL SOSBEE

This report references extensive evidence of fbi's murderous corruption which is ignored or supported by our leaders in congress and the courts.

10 October 2017
Government & Law

Notice of fbi criminality run amuck in a world in crisis

This report suggests that the fbi poses a deadly threat to people everywhere. http://austin.indymedia.org/sites/default/files/thumb.swastikaweb_6.jpg

8 September 2017
Government & Law

Evidence of Corruption of fbi and USPI

This report focuses on the efforts of the USPI and the fbi to silence me and to violate the FOIA.


human rights against fbi assassins and their hip pocket federal judges

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PS https://www.sott.net/article/320547-United-States-of-psy-ops-Just-call-the-victims-paranoid-and-delusional

Fbi in vendetta attacks my wife with ELF
About 3 hours ago

Addendum: After item number 5 above, insert the following: Character assassination is an error under cap Fbi torture programs using...

Stop All Crime
5 days ago

The Madrid street address above is not in Harlingen, but is in Brownsville, Texas.

Our Civilization Destroyed By fbi Assassins
27th October 2017

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