5 August 2013
Government & Law

Couple back down on dwellings

A public meeting unanimously voted that the Tasman District Council should leave the WantooWantoo Community alone. The community were in talks with the Council about a win-win solution. Then the Council presses charges. Democracy? Shamocracy.

10 June 2013
Media & Reviews

Keep DRM “Crippleware” Out of HTML5 1

This is an open letter that directly relates to the core kaupapa of Indymedia, a public web whose standards are not perverted by corporate interests. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be supportive. Please help us spread the word.

10 June 2013
Science & Technology

Hamilton will be Fluoride-Free by 21 June 2013 1

"Hamilton City Councillors voted 7-1 to stop Fluoridation on 5th June... 1567 submissions were received in March. The majority (1386) of submissions wanted Council to stop, with only 174 submissions supporting the continuation of fluoride."

7 June 2013
Workers & Economy

Occupy Sandy builds worker power in Far Rockaway

Peter Rugh of WagingNonViolence.org reports on marginalized workers in Far Rockway, New York, using cooperative enterprises to rebuild their neighbourhoods after Hurricane Sandy. Waging NonViolence is licensed under a CreativeCommons-BY-SA 3.0 (US).

2 June 2013
Opinion & Blogs

Political Circus in the Lead-Up to 2014, Pass The Bread

Danyl Strype of Disintermedia.net.nz comments on the political manoeuvring on the right of the NZ parliamentary spectrum.



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