7 April 2017
State Repression

NetSafe Attempts to Censor Opposition Blog Sites in Aotearoa

I am writing this in solidarity with the crew of the TheDailyBlog, I’ve just discovered they have been subject to attempts at political censorship by the quazi-governmental speech police at the offices of NetSafe

11 October 2013
Protest & Revolution

Thoughts on Security Culture: 'Is the Cure Worse than the Illness?'

An article by PB Floyd, from the Riseup.net zine 'Digital Security for Activists', on the balance between security culture, and "community building and a broad social movement".

3 October 2013
Media & Reviews

Many Pieces, Loosely Joined: Independent Media in the Digital Age

Danyl Strype challenges the vision of state-controlled broadcasting presented by Chris Trotter, and offers an alternative vision of a diverse range of public-interest media organisations, their work freely available under CreativeCommons licenses.

3 September 2013

'Surveillance' Series (Rebooted) #2: Taking Liberties

'Surveillance' Series #2: Wednesday 16 October, 7:30pm, 'Taking Liberties', followed by a discussion about the problems of surveillance politics and technology. Evison Lounge, OUSA Recreation Centre in Albany St, Ōtepoti/ Dunedin, Ōtākou/ Otago.

3 September 2013

'Surveillance' Series (Rebooted) #1: We Live in Public

'Surveillance' Series #1: Wednesday 9 October, 7:30pm, 'We Live in Public', followed by a discussion about a vision for respecting privacy and anonymity. Evison Lounge, OUSA Recreation Centre in Albany St, Ōtepoti/ Dunedin, Ōtākou/ Otago.



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