25 September 2018
State Repression

Sacred book suppressed but there is still a choice.

Because of God's involvement, I regard my books as sacred. But, my last book is being suppressed. I expose the UN as omitting the creative rights, the magic, which led to Western dominance but now the creative rights will be denied all States.

10 June 2016
Protest & Revolution

The West should boycott the UN.

It is the introduction to my forthcoming book, 'The War on Truth'. Other chapters can be located on Anthony Ravlich Google+. It gives an example of American exceptionalism and why the West should boycott the UN.

27 May 2016
Protest & Revolution

Awami League seems to follow UN's Neoliberal Absolutism.

Gives some understanding of causes of Islamic extremism and a possible solution to religious/secular divide to allow religous political parties to play a greater role in the public domain by adopting ethical human rights as an ethical base.

1 January 2015
Government & Law

Discussing ethical human rights and change in Pakistan following reported Taliban deadly violence.

Discussing possible change within Pakistan, whether the State could adopt ethical human rights and the possibility of an Islamic political party being formed with ethical human rights as its non-political and spiritual base.

14 September 2014
Government & Law

I demand the right to inform Chch post-quake victims of the human rights truth and ethical plan.

Chch post-quakes victims are facing severe discrimination which is a human rights issue but they are being deprived of hearing the human rights truth and ethical human rights plan, which emphasizes 'bottom-up' development firmly based on the UDHR.


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I cannot find the edit but I should have included the previous chapter - The War on Truth - http://www.indymedia.org.nz/articles/5896

NZ human rights hijacked to enable UN's 'hidden' collectivist agenda.
8th May 2016

PS. Can't find editing facility. Rather than 'UN seeing themselves as God' I should have written 'UN virtually seeing themselves as God'.

Dissent within after article, Profound Arrogance at UN.
19th April 2014

Misspelled Noam Chomsky's name so did a repost. Can this post be deleted?

Chomky's response to UN's 'Global Crime Against Humanity' and my reply.
14th January 2014

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