21 March 2018
Ecology & Environment

We can't let these dirty frackers poison the Northern Territory 2

The Northern Territory is sitting on top of a giant climate bomb -- and it's just started ticking, as the gas lobby pressurises the NT government to rip up a territory-wide fracking ban.

4 February 2018
Race & Racism

‘I'm not convinced there has to be a national day’

Socialist Alliance’s Indigenous Rights spokesperson Sam Watson considers there has been “a definite strengthening and expansion of the Black political struggle”. Watson was referring to the record-breaking attendance at Invasion Day rallies Jan. 26.

4 February 2018
War & Militarism

Latest in nuclear news

Henry Kissinger, long term and still influential political adviser, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that a pre-emptive strike on North Korea was "tempting"and "a rational argument".

2 February 2018
Ecology & Environment

Adani’s threat to Australia's most valuable water source

In April last year, Adani was granted an unlimited water licence for 60 years. 'Local farmers were outraged. "It's bloody-minded and barbaric," said Bruce Currie, a grazier who lives in the region.

30 January 2018
Race & Racism

Australia’s Indigenous Suicide Crisis

Suicide rates among Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander communities are amongst the highest in the world. This is a crisis born of violent dispossession, intergenerational trauma, and ongoing cultural atrocities.

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