2 September 2018
Race & Racism

Aboriginal culture being used to teach maths and science

WGAR News A group of passionate educators are taking Aboriginal students from the classroom to the campfire to spark a love of science, technology and maths. "They learn to love these subjects, and come out feeling truly proud to be Aboriginal."

31 August 2018
Ecology & Environment

Women’s rights being undermined in Papua New Guinea

The report we released last week not only revealed the scale of Australian companies’ fossil fuel investments in low income countries, but why it’s so important that we act in solidarity with those who will be impacted the most: women.

31 August 2018
Ecology & Environment

Brisbane demo to protect Queensland’s water and our climate by stopping Adani

Tomorrow, hundreds of people from across Queensland will be out in force in Brisbane to show Premier Palaszczuk’s government the strength of community pressure to stop Adani.

30 August 2018
Race & Racism

Aborigines: “We do not need a special envoy, we need our leaders to listen”

Australia’s new rightwing prime minister’s choice of a previous prime minister, Tony Abbott, as “special envoy” to Indigenous people has triggered their angry reactions.

29 August 2018
Race & Racism

Police chief apologises for a 1928 massacre of Aboriginal children, women and men

By Diet Simon As recently as 1928 an officially endorsed massacre of innocent Aboriginal men, women and children was perpetrated by a white policeman leading a posse of horsemen in the Northern Territory of Australia . A police chief has apologised.

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