31 July 2018
Ecology & Environment

Spent nuclear fuel shipment from Sydney en route to France

In the early hours of the morning of 29 July the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) moved a shipment of spent fuel rods from the Lucas Heights reactor (near Sydney) to Port Kembla en-route to reprocessing in France.

31 July 2018
Race & Racism

Can Aboriginal homelessness ever be solved?

About 25% of HomelessPeople are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, despite making up just 2.5% of the general population. Why don't we just work towards preventing homelessness in the first place?

30 July 2018
Ecology & Environment

CLIMATE and nuclear news this week

By Christina Macpherson at Antinuclear Australia South Australia sleeps on. Australia sleeps on, apparently quite unaware of the machinations of the nuclear lobby. The aim has never wavered - to establish the full nuclear fuel cycle in Australia.

26 July 2018
Race & Racism

The UN backs a human rights watchdog for Australia

By ActionAid Australia This week, we had a huge breakthrough: the United Nations endorsed the need for a human rights watchdog that would ensure justice for women impacted by Australian companies operating overseas.

26 July 2018

First Nations Australia Writers Network national workshop 23 to 26 August 18

The National Workshop is aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers, poets and storytellers. Non-Indigenous people are welcome to attend the Friday session Writing As Collaboration: Indigenous and non-Indigenous Together.

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