24 October 2017
Ecology & Environment

Stop compulsory acquisition of grazing land for Adani's private rail line

By William Graham, grazier This week the Queensland government has compulsorily acquired 3568 hectares of agricultural land in this region, for Adani's private rail line to their proposed Carmichael coal mine. Graziers losing parts of property.

22 October 2017
Race & Racism

Australian Government must do better on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander human rights 1

The Government has got to listen to the Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT (APO NT) and involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in a transparent process of reform of the discriminatory Commonwealth Development Program.

21 October 2017
Race & Racism

The CNS Prevents Indigenous Deaths in Custody: An Interview with Gerry Georgatos

"The recommendation from the royal commission was about immediate support and peer support. So, the custody notification service is actually even a step up from the original recommendation, which is effectively in place around most of the country."

16 October 2017
Ecology & Environment

Nuclear power's deepening crisis

This year has been catastrophic for nuclear power and just when it seemed the situation couldn't get any worse for the industry, it did. There are clear signs of a nuclear slow-down in China, the only country with a large nuclear new-build program.

15 October 2017
Race & Racism

Deceptive trickery of Australian Native Title processes

A crime against our humanity is the way the Native Title process is manipulated to further dispossess First Nations. Parliamentary legislation and 'Native Title specialist lawyers' are in lockstep with the colonial power to rob Aboriginal people.

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