24 March 2018
Ecology & Environment

Australian mining companies hurting women overseas 1

Australia has the largest overseas mining presence in Africa. 28 more Australian coal projects in Africa alone would entrench women's poverty and injustice, increase gender-based violence, create health problems and fuel dangerous climate change.

23 March 2018
Race & Racism

Aunty Audrey Napanangka Martin and generations of child removal in Australia 2

Like many Aboriginal mothers, Auntie Audrey Napanangka Martin pained for years after her son was taken. She next saw him an unrecognisable young man with a family of his own, disconnected from the family and culture he was taken from.

23 March 2018
Race & Racism

Aborigines victimised in remote work for the dole programme 3

New research shows Aboriginal participants in Australia's remote Community Development Program being penalised at a much higher rate than people in mainstream employment services.

22 March 2018
Race & Racism

Amy McQuire: Spare us your false outrage 10

None of them have any expertise in Aboriginal affairs. Their credibility rests on just one thing: they are all white. That has always been the most crucial criteria for a media commentator, after all.

21 March 2018
Ecology & Environment

TOXIC STATE - Australia's double standards

The Australian government brazenly attacks other countries over toxins while encouraging rural economic development with chemicals similar to high-grade military poisons, e.g. DDT, 2-4-5-D & mustard gas, leaching into soil, rivers and our aquifers.

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