28 October 2017
Race & Racism

'We were always here' - Dorothy Lawson's daring land claim in Australia 3

She was thrown into a jail cell, aged just eight. But instead of being strong-armed by the law, Murra Wurra Paakantji elder Dorothy Lawson – now nearly 80 – has used the law herself to make a daring, innovative land claim.

28 October 2017
Race & Racism

Referendum Council denial deeply disturbing

The right-of-centre Australian Cabinet has rejected the Referendum Council’s recommendation for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' voice to Parliament. Join a call to Prime Minister Turnbull to reverse his position immediately.

27 October 2017
Ecology & Environment

Nuclear, climate, pollution news this week

Sometimes, it seems a bit ridiculous to single out the nuclear danger, or the climate danger, from all the other insults that human beings are throwing at the planet. Wars and violence are bad enough, but the overall big killer now is pollution..

25 October 2017
Ecology & Environment

The myths about Adani jobs

The controversy over the Carmichael coal mine has been pitched as a choice between saving the planet or providing much needed jobs in Queensland. What is the truth of the matter? Conflicting information makes it hard to see a clear picture.

25 October 2017
Government & Law

Australian Federal Police raids on union -- are we next?

Late yesterday the Australian Federal Police (AFP) stormed the offices of the Australian Workers' Union. Why? To see whether they had their paperwork in order for a donation made to GetUp 12 years ago. Our lawyers warn we could be next.

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