29 March 2018
Ecology & Environment

Donate to stop fracking in the Northern Territory

It's crunch time. The final report on NT fracking has just been handed down and we only have a few days left to influence Chief Minister Gunner and stop the NT Government from caving to the gas lobby.

28 March 2018
Ecology & Environment

The biggest attack on our oceans "ever"

Under pressure from industrial fishing giants, Turnbull's government wants to slash a vast marine reserve to shreds!! Shadow environment minister Tony Burke calls it "the largest removal of area from conservation ever from any government in the world."

27 March 2018
Race & Racism

Five myths about cultural safety in health care for Aborigines

Cultural safety is an approach developed by Māori nurses to mitigate the harms of colonisation and is embedded in the undergraduate national nursing curriculum, and broadly applied across marginalised groups in New Zealand.

25 March 2018
Ecology & Environment

Wangan & Jagalingou: The government is still spending public money opposing us in court 2

The Queensland government is still spending public money opposing Aboriginal custodians in court, shoring up Adani’s fake Indigenous Land Use Agreement so they can say they have our consent for the Carmichael mine and to extinguish our native title.

25 March 2018
Race & Racism

Cultural safety matters – the conversation we need to keep having

Under the new codes, which took effect on 1 March, nurses and midwives must take responsibility for improving the cultural safety of health services and systems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and colleagues.

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