2 November 2018
Race & Racism

Gathering of Nations extended – begins 10am 23 November 2018

Due to the high level of interest in the Gathering of Nations we have decided to begin at 10am Friday 23 November 2018 so that our people have more opportunity to share their messages. Media will be advised of a time they can attend.

30 October 2018
State Repression


By AVAAZ - Jamal Khashoggi walked into a Saudi consulate hoping for a permit to marry the love of his life -- instead, he was beheaded and chopped into pieces with a bone saw. The outrage sparked by this could trigger lasting change in Saudi Arabia.

29 October 2018
Ecology & Environment

We started a fight with Origin Energy…

By Larissa for the GetUp team - The Northern Territory is sitting on top of a giant climate bomb1 - and thanks to Origin Energy, it has started ticking. But we know GetUp members won't stand for fracking on First Nations' land.

26 October 2018
Race & Racism

Party expels Australian senator who called for 'final solution' to immigration

Katter’s Australian party has ejected its only senator, Fraser Anning, from the party over his statements about “non-European” migration two months after he made a speech calling for a “final solution” to immigration.

26 October 2018
Race & Racism

The Guardian: Work for the dole is 'modern-day slavery', Northern Territory MP says

Chansey Paech says Aboriginal people are being driven into poverty by ‘the federal government’s own version of the Hunger Games.

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How coal mining is impacting the women of Phola in Mpumalanga, South Africa Australia has one of the largest global mining footprints in the...

The Phola women are coming to Australia!
6 days ago

Great news! Three Korean financial institutions have ruled out funding Adani’s Carmichael mega coal mine in the Galilee...

Adani has announced a new, desperate plan to pay for its mega-mine in Queensland
5th November 2018

Statemenmt by The Australian Youth Climate Coalition Adani has announced that the Carmichael mine will be rolled out in “stages”, making it...

Adani has announced a new, desperate plan to pay for its mega-mine in Queensland
5th November 2018

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