9 August 2018
Race & Racism

"Clever designs to legitimize the British occupation of our lands and waters" 1

I am extremely concerned that the enthusiasm to quickly negotiate so-called Treaty/Treaties with the illegal occupying colonial States will lead to First Nations unwittingly ceding their inherent sovereignty.

9 August 2018
Immigration & Borders

Campaign to stop Australian airlines deporting refugees

Six American airlines stood up to Trump and refused to transport children separated from their families at US borders.1,2 In Australia, where government separates families all the time, national airlines refuse to do the same.

7 August 2018
Workers & Economy

If Turnbull wanted to, he could give everyone in Australia a job

By GetUp! There are 700,000 unemployed people in Australia at any given time, but only 200,000 job vacancies in the private sector. That's almost four people wanting work for each job that exists.1 If Turnbull wanted to he could give all 700,000 a job.

7 August 2018
Race & Racism

Could Australia soon recognise sovereigns other than the queen?

Sovereign treaties under international law affirm sovereignty of First Nations, domestic treaties within the colonial system automatically mean First Nations cede sovereignty. ~ Aboriginal activist, Ghillar, Michael Anderson

6 August 2018
Ecology & Environment

Traditional Aboriginal land owners “locked out” of nuclear waste dump vote

A South Australian cattle station that is part-owned by the state’s Liberal party director and located next to an Indigenous Protected Area has been provisionally selected as the site of Australia’s first nuclear waste dump, outraging traditional owners.

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"Clever designs to legitimize the British occupation of our lands and waters"
9th August 2018

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