19 November 2017
Race & Racism

Indigenous workers: the ‘modern slaves’ of Australia? 1

6 November 2017 How can the Global Slavery Index claim Australia has so few ‘modern slaves’, when so many Indigenous men and women are pressed into labour by the Community Development Programme?

12 November 2017
Ecology & Environment

The week that was in nuclear/ climate news

Sometimes the news in one country is pivotal to the fortunes of the global nuclear industry. Right now, this country is arguably South Africa. Nuclear corruption has been entrenched in South Africa for a long time. It's becoming urgently important now.

5 November 2017
Ecology & Environment

The week that was (and will be) in climate and nuclear news

The UN Climate Change Conference will take place 6-17 November in Bonn, Germany and will be presided over by the government of Fiji. With America now out of climate accords, China is taking the lead.

4 November 2017
Race & Racism

WARNING: When resetting the agenda: Don't cede your sovereignty or acquiesce, in your enthusiasm for Treaty-talks 1

The constitution stipulates that children born of a foreign group who have been in hostilities with British colonisers at the time of their birth, which includes 100% of our people all over this country, are deemed to be and classified as ‘aliens’.

3 November 2017
Race & Racism

Aborigines ban climbing on Uluru

SYDNEY — Visitors to Uluru, the giant sandstone slab jutting from the central Australian desert have for decades ignored a sign at the rock’s base that politely reads: “Please don’t climb.” Now Elders who manage the popular site will demand it.

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28th January 2018

Send NZ ships to pick them up.

Rally for Manus - BRING THEM HERE!
19th November 2017

More on this issue at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/wgar-news/05fdbK-VIqQ. WGAR News is published by the Working Group for...

Indigenous workers: the ‘modern slaves’ of Australia?
19th November 2017

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