7 February 2019
Immigration & Borders

Morrison government and Murdoch press on absolute offensive against Australian doctors

By GetUp! - The stakes are incredibly high for Australian Prime Minister Morrison. If a vote about refugees passes on Tuesday , it'll be the first loss on legislation for a government on the floor of the House in 90 years – both historic and humiliating.

6 February 2019
Race & Racism

Free our fathers

By Mervyn Eades - Western Australia is the mother of all jailers, incarcerating its First Nations people at the world's highest jailing rate. One in 12 of Western Australia's Aboriginal males are presently incarcerated. WA is the nation's backwater.

6 February 2019
Race & Racism

I remember so many children who have taken their lives – it is a national abomination

By Gerry Georgatos - The disproportionate suicide toll of Indigenous Australians is a humanitarian crisis that cannot be allowed to continue. You ask, how can it be imaginable for a six-year-old to attempt the ending of their life? All were Indigenous.

5 February 2019
Race & Racism

Demand that your MP #BackTheBill 1

By GetUp! - A year ago, it was unthinkable. After five years in offshore detention, the 119 kids and their families that were languishing on Nauru are off the island. They're finally getting the medical care they need.1 But thousands remain in crisis.

2 February 2019
Ecology & Environment

Friends in high places: fossil fuels political donations

By Market Forces - Australian governments spend $12 billion tax dollars a year on subsidies, contributions, loans, lax environmental laws and approvals for disastrous projects to help more coal, gas and oil to be extracted and burned. .

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