26 November 2017
Ecology & Environment

Labor stays in Queensland on promise to block billion dollar government loan to Adani mine

BREAKING: The Palaszczuk Government has been re-elected on their promise to block an AUD 1 billion loan to Adani’s coal mine - because of people-powered pressure and our incredible volunteers on the ground. But we have to keep up the fight.

26 November 2017
Race & Racism

URGENT: Northern Territory Aboriginal leaders need your help!

In the Northern Territory, communities are uniting against dangerous fracking in their country. This is an urgent time, with the NT government deciding whether to lift a temporary ban and open up 85% of the Territory for gas companies to frack.

26 November 2017
Race & Racism

An Aboriginal painting on defending country prominent in the Australian War Memorial

A vast Aboriginal painting about "defence of country" now hangs directly opposite the Australian War Memorial's most treasured item, after 7 years of First Nations people marching on Anzac Day for recognition of the Frontier wars and conflicts.

19 November 2017
Race & Racism

Indigenous workers: the ‘modern slaves’ of Australia? 1

6 November 2017 How can the Global Slavery Index claim Australia has so few ‘modern slaves’, when so many Indigenous men and women are pressed into labour by the Community Development Programme?

12 November 2017
Ecology & Environment

The week that was in nuclear/ climate news

Sometimes the news in one country is pivotal to the fortunes of the global nuclear industry. Right now, this country is arguably South Africa. Nuclear corruption has been entrenched in South Africa for a long time. It's becoming urgently important now.

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Indigenous workers: the ‘modern slaves’ of Australia?
19th November 2017

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11th November 2017

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