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Australian government’s water gift to Adani exposed

New documents raise fresh questions about why the water impacts of Indian miner Adani’s huge central Queensland water scheme will not be assessed under federal laws.

Protest & Revolution

It's an inside job on the ABC

By GetUp! - Scott Morrison is about to hand-pick the next ABC Chair. Ex-Murdoch executives are in the running and Morrison has already stacked the selection panel with an all-star line-up of ex-Liberal MPs and big business lobbyists.2,3

15 November 2018
Ecology & Environment

Australian students striking for the climate

On November 30 thousands of Australian students are set to strike from school for the day to send a clear message to our politicians: this generation will not wait for climate action. Events are springing up in towns and cities everywhere.

15 November 2018
Ecology & Environment

Nature's miracle recovery plan

We've wiped out 60% of mammal, bird, fish and reptile populations since 1970, and now the UN biodiversity chief says unless we act we could be the first species to document our own extinction! But scientists have found a way that could save us.

14 November 2018
Ecology & Environment

Stand up for Queensland's water

Guess who went against advice about the huge impacts of Adani’s coal mine on water resources? Queensland’s Environment Department!

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Adani has announced a new, desperate plan to pay for its mega-mine in Queensland
5th November 2018

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