18 March 2019
Race & Racism

Aborigines to get billions in compensation for land and spiritual loss in landmark case

By RT News - Aboriginals in Australia have won a ground-breaking case that paves the way for billions of dollars in compensation claims for colonial land loss, as well as loss of spiritual connection.

18 March 2019
Race & Racism

Tears for Christchurch: Australia first imported hate in 1788. Now we’re in the export business

By Chris Graham on New Mathilda - If you want to know why an Australian man massacred 49 Muslims in two mosques in New Zealand, you need to understand a little bit about our nation’s dark past and in particular the quality of our present leadership.

16 March 2019
Race & Racism

The attackers listened to and lived out words of hatred 1

By GetUp! - Hate-filled attackers unleashed a terrible tragedy on our brothers and sisters in New Zealand yesterday. When anyone gives a platform to racism or islamophobia, or exploits it for votes or profit, they legitimise hate. And hate kills.

9 March 2019
Ecology & Environment

FRIDAY 15th: Kids' climate strike - 500 events in 50 countries. BE THERE!

“My generation will never know a time when climate change wasn’t a big deal. And we don’t have the luxury of twiddling our thumbs… this needs fixing now. We have the solutions, all we need now is government leadership.” – Miranda, 16

8 March 2019
Ecology & Environment

We're cleaning up corporate Australia, regardless of what the resources minister thinks 1

One way to tell we’re on the right track is when Resources Minister Matthew Canavan attacks us. Well, he's just gone “full online troll” on us, calling Market Forces “the greatest hypocrite on Earth” for living in homes that contain steel.

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We're cleaning up corporate Australia, regardless of what the resources minister thinks
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