26 April 2018
Race & Racism

Veterans' acceptance of Frontier Wars march in Canberra - a turning point 1

The wreath laying event yesterday at the cenotaph of the WarMemorial caught us by surprise when we realised that many of the older veterans of the modern wars stood still as we passed and applauded our entourage. People should not underestimate this.

26 April 2018
Race & Racism

Learn how to kickstart the changes in our economy that we want to see

We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, at the most prosperous time in human history — but for too long the system has been rigged against us. 'A Future To Fight For' maps our pathway to making a better economic future a reality.

25 April 2018
Race & Racism

Abominably, more than 100,000 Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders have been to jail

With more than 700,000 Australians identifying as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, more than one in 7 have been to prison. From a racialised lens this is the world’s highest jailing rate, higher than the Black American jailing rate.

12 April 2018
Race & Racism

Influencing the public discourse: Racism, Sunrise, Alan Jones et al

We have such limited contact, knowledge and understanding of both the historical and contemporary realities of Indigenous people. We all live in a matrix of self-interest that maintains the control of Aboriginal people.

10 April 2018

Australia’s Aboriginal children are removed from their families at world’s highest rate

9 April 2018 - Nearly 60,000 Australian children have been removed by child protection authorities into “out-of-home-care”, with more than 17,000 of the removed children comprising Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children.

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Veterans' acceptance of Frontier Wars march in Canberra - a turning point
26th April 2018

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11th April 2018

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