2 November 2016
Workers & Economy

The Coal is dead. Long live The Coal

An analysis for 2016 of the movie and stage play, "Brassed Off" about a Yorkshire mining town with a brass band going through the Thatcher attack on coal mining communities.

30 October 2016
Workers & Economy

Joe Hill

Lyric of song sung at memorial for Helen Kelly.

27 October 2016
Ecology & Environment

Letter to Editor - George Monbiot

Monbiot points out the shortcomings of representational democracy. This letter takes a look at how that is playing out today.

3 October 2016

Education for a future requires the Humanities and the Arts

Letter to Editor picking up on Grant Robertson's comment that the Arts are a necessary part of education for "collaboration, creativity, dealing with complex problems and understanding ethical dimensions". The Humanities in general are most important.

20 September 2016
Media & Reviews

Urinetown, the Musical – never has a Malthusian story been so entertaining

Analysis after shows by Repertory Theatre production at Gryphon Theatre, Wellington, September, 2016 (14-24). Apologies for no review of individual performances or of the production. Richard Keller

Richard Keller

Wellington resident for 30 years after coming here as a Reagan Refugee from the USA. Check out my 'letters' at:

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