8 January 2019
Government & Law

Danielle McLaughlin misses on the Brazil election and 'corruption'

In her Sunday Star Times article on populism (30 December), Danielle misstates the charges of 'corruption' in the Brazilian election campaign.

6 January 2019
War & Militarism

Movie 'Vice' invites us to look for the source of the 'murk'.

A letter to the editor of the Sunday Star Times responding to a reprinted article in the Washington Pot by Jeff Weiss on the movie 'Vice' and its writer and director Adam McKay. The movie is about Dick Cheney,

7 June 2018
Workers & Economy

Why People Justify Social Systems That Disadvantage Them

Copy of an analysis by Mathias Sager from his blog of why people adopt politics which clearly disadvantages them.

4 June 2018
Government & Law

Labour will not be 'transformative' in the Post Truth Era

Letter to The Listener about the 'fiscal straitjacket' in the first Labour-led budget of the Post Truth Era.

26 February 2018
Opinion & Blogs

Resignation of Bill English

Letter to editor of Dom Post, Wellington. English's 'big lie' on the SAS in Afghanistan was reassuring to the plurality who voted National to support National's lack of action on climate change.

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