12 August 2019
State Repression

'Populist' is a word often misused

Letter to Dom Post on use/misuse of the word 'populist'.

29 April 2019
Ecology & Environment

Response to post from A.C. Stark, UK, on the need for fundamental change

There is perhaps more agreement across political left and right about the need for fundamental change than is at first evident. The Post Truth Era has arisen more out of knowledge than ignorance.

29 April 2019
Ecology & Environment

The 'left' needs to stop being neoliberal about climate change

A.C. Stark, UK, on the need for fundamental change that even the 'left' has a neoliberal attitude about. Individuals need to be reborn, but it is fundamentally a cultural process at work.

26 April 2019
Ecology & Environment

Lack of action on climate change due more to cultural factors than generational.

Letter to editor about the cultural source of lack of action on climate change in A/NZ.

8 January 2019
Government & Law

Danielle McLaughlin misses on the Brazil election and 'corruption'

In her Sunday Star Times article on populism (30 December), Danielle misstates the charges of 'corruption' in the Brazilian election campaign.

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