25 August 2014
Media & Reviews

Slater, the Government and Hager: a false equivalence

Various media commentators have suggested that there's little difference between the actions of Slater and National, and that of Nicky Hager. The comparison is as lazy as it is false.

2 August 2014
War & Militarism

The inconsistent outrage of Key and Abbott

In the face of the continued slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza, the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Abbott have offered mild concern at best. They were much more willing to take Vladimir Putin to task two weeks ago.

24 June 2014
State Repression

What's a little state violence and repression between friends?

The US' decision to renew military aid to, and restore its partnership with, Egypt was followed almost immediately by reports of unprecedented state repression in the country.

30 April 2014
Media & Reviews

The Apotheosis of Shane Jones

The New Zealand media have crafted an image and narrative around Shane Jones that is at odds with reality.

28 July 2013
State Repression

America doesn't torture? Tell Bradley Manning

The US insists it won't torture Edward Snowden, but the experience of America's other high profile whistleblower says otherwise

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