29 July 2013
War & Militarism

“No Blood for Water”?

The Syrian Civil War and Its Possible Consequences - Guest-blog by Pink Panther from the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement website.

2 July 2013
Protest & Revolution

Road To Somewhere: Protest Hikoi in Rotorua

Capitalism is the economic system that prevails globally. One of the main characteristics of this system is the pursuit of profit by a minority and the ‘development’ of infrastructure for this purpose, above the needs or wants of the people at large.

25 June 2013
Workers & Economy

The Siege of Troy: Interview With a Sex Worker

In recent decades the NZ economy has been restructured away from a basis in primary production, towards the service sector. This trend has been combined with labour laws taking collective protections from workers.

12 June 2013
Ecology & Environment

Rotorua: Anti-Monsanto March

Rotorua is not known as a hotbed of political activity, but on May 25th it became the first of over 400 cities worldwide to hold a march in opposition to the giant multinational Monsanto, which produces genetically modified food and seeds.

26 May 2013
Workers & Economy

Rotorua: Homelessness Debate

Approximately 80 people attended a debate in Rotorua on May 24th on the subject of homelessness. The debate was framed around the topic of “Joining the Homeless is a Great Lifestyle Choice.”

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