6 June 2013
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Lets start a conversation about drugs and drug use!

New Zealand has a highly developed and largely ingrained drug use culture, which is acknowledged to spread across all lifestyles from Doctors, to Judges, to grandparents, to schoolchildren.

11 May 2013
Government & Law

Existing GCSB law too restrictive, urgent law change needed.

The government Wednesday met to hear the first reading of a new law intended to govern the future actions of the criminal Government Communications Security Bureau, seeking to apply a retrospective law change to legitimise the agency's past actions.

K Callaghan

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Bravo. Great peace of Journalism!

United peace effort preferable to unilateral violence
13th September 2013

another non article. and not coherent. appears to be nothing more than a personal propaganda or sorts.

Cicero speaks on traitors
17th May 2013

What is this? it doesnt look like a news article or anything coherent...

fbi credo
17th May 2013

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