14 August 2013
Ecology & Environment

Time to put 100% into making New Zealand Pure.

In the case of New Zealand, if we spent as much money on cleaning up our environment as we do on pushing the 100% Pure brand then our brand would be credible.

14 August 2013
Government & Law

Tax avoiders get free ride, while benefits are scrutinized.

Government agencies are more likely to write off unpaid tax than welfare debt, new research shows.

14 August 2013
Government & Law

The GCSB Bill: We at least have to try

On one level, Campbell Live‘s national GCSB Bill tour, which began on Monday night, is classic 7pm “heartland” current affairs. There could hardly be anything more cravenly Kiwi than crossing live from the Mangonui fish ’n’ chip shop...

13 August 2013
Government & Law

Kiwi apathy is a threat to our way of life. 2

New Zealanders are about to face a new low as John Key's cabinet rushes through an amendment that would allow the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) to spy on New Zealanders.

24 July 2013
Government & Law

An Open Letter to John Key in Opposition to the GCSB Amendment Bill

This letter is partly in response to the findings of the Kitteridge report about the GCSB and their failures to follow the law, but is also mindful of the recent PRISM revelations about the actions of the NSA in the USA

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Bravo. Great peace of Journalism!

United peace effort preferable to unilateral violence
13th September 2013

another non article. and not coherent. appears to be nothing more than a personal propaganda or sorts.

Cicero speaks on traitors
17th May 2013

What is this? it doesnt look like a news article or anything coherent...

fbi credo
17th May 2013

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