22 August 2013
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Bradley Manning and the Two Americas

Somewhere in the Iraqi desert in 2009 in the middle of a flailing war, a soldier committed a seemingly small crime.

22 August 2013
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Espiner: Key's snapper attack swallowed whole

I'm torn on the snapper quota though. It's either a salutary lesson for National on the things that really matter to us Kiwis, or it's a political masterstroke of Machiavellian proportions. And I can't decide which.

22 August 2013
State Repression

The GCSB Bill has passed – if you refuse to accept that, here’s what I think we should do next

With the passing of this dreadful Bill, we should lower the flag to half-mast because we have paid a terrible price for our apathy. Let’s be honest, we disengaged, we looked the other way, we didn’t challenge things when we should have.

20 August 2013
State Repression

UK destroys Guardian drives over Snowden

British government officials ordered the destruction of hard drives at the Guardian offices in London that purportedly contained information relating to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has revealed.

17 August 2013
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Greater Public Scrutiny and Transparency Promised

U.S. President Barak Obama pledges to open government surveillance programs to greater public criticism and therefore transparency. Following this announcement, we believe John Key could learn something.

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Bravo. Great peace of Journalism!

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13th September 2013

another non article. and not coherent. appears to be nothing more than a personal propaganda or sorts.

Cicero speaks on traitors
17th May 2013

What is this? it doesnt look like a news article or anything coherent...

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17th May 2013

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