11 July 2014
Ecology & Environment

March for Maui's Dolphins- at John Key's electoral office Kumeu- 10am sharp, this Sunday l3 July

After successful marches around the country, Maui’s dolphin campaigners continue their pressure on the Government with a march to John Key’s electorate office in Kumeu on Sunday 13 July at 10am

2 July 2014
Ecology & Environment

Northern communities want stricter GE controls

GE FREE Northland welcomes the news that Far North District Council and Whangarei District Council voted unanimously last week to jointly publicly notify the GMO Plan Change to ban all GMO releases

25 June 2014
Ecology & Environment

National Minister misleads Parliament over Maui's

Conservation Minister Nick Smith misled Parliament with his statement that not a single Maui's dolphin has been sighted inside an area opened up by the Government for oil drilling, the Green Party said today.

15 June 2014
Ecology & Environment

Monsanto on the attack- aggressive multinational determined to stop the state of Vermont GE labelling laws

Monsanto, an overseas multinational with a horrendous public health and environmental track record, is suing the small, rural state of Vermont in the USA (over Vermont's new GE labelling law, which simply requires that GE food be labelled).

8 June 2014
Ecology & Environment

Save the last 55 Maui's dolphins- Dolphin Defends Unite



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Sounds like a fabulous event- our farming family is a proud member of GE Free Northland and we are totally opposed to the outdoor use of GMOs,...

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22nd May 2014

Great that someone of Jeffrey Smith's calibre is in NZ talking about the risks of GE food (to humans and other animals) and all the reasons why NZ...

Genetic Roulette - the gamble of eating genetically engineered foods.
17th December 2013

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