20 July 2015
Ecology & Environment

Government needs to listen to New Zealanders, who DON'T want GE trees!

Communities are saying no to genetically engineered (GE) trees and pushing back against the National Government’s attempt to remove the right of councils from controlling the release of GE trees in their regions, the Green Party said today.

10 July 2015
Ecology & Environment

Call to Action against GE trees- keep NZ GE free

The National Party (through the Minister for Primary Industries) has sneakily included a proposal for GE trees to be allowed in NZ in the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) proposed new National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry

27 April 2015
Ecology & Environment

Strong support for local council jurisdiction GMOs

GE FREE NZ supports Whangarei District Council (appellant), GE Free Northland, the Soil & Health Association Aotearoa NZ, Taitokerau mana whenua and other interested parties in an Environment Court case of national significance

24 April 2015
Government & Law

Can we keep local control over GE?

The Soil & Health Association Aotearoa NZ, GE Free Northland, Northland District Councils, Taitokerau mana whenua and others are standing against an appeal lodged by Federated Farmers of NZ in an attempt to undermine precautionary GE provisions in

22 April 2015
Ecology & Environment


Local Northland councils, mana whenua, GE Free Northland, the Soil & Health Association of Aotearoa NZ, local farmers and other ratepayers are standing together to protect the Northland new Regional Policy Statements precautionary GE provisions


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Sounds like a fabulous event- our farming family is a proud member of GE Free Northland and we are totally opposed to the outdoor use of GMOs,...

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22nd May 2014

Great that someone of Jeffrey Smith's calibre is in NZ talking about the risks of GE food (to humans and other animals) and all the reasons why NZ...

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17th December 2013

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