28 December 2012
Protest & Revolution

Idle No More—Turtle Island rising 2

An indigenous movement has been spreading rapidly across Canada with solidarity events being held all over the world. ‘Idle No More’ is a response to the weakening of environmental protection and about advancing indigenous rights.

4 December 2012
State Repression

Activist killed during presidential inauguration

Violent clashes surrounded the inauguration of Mexico's new president, Enrique Pena Nieto, on 1st December. One activist of the #YoSoy132 movement was killed when hit by a tear-gas canister.

26 November 2012
Government & Law

Cold Creek—where are you flowing? 1

A Taranaki stream is about to be privatised for the benefit of dairy farmers. The story of ‘Cold Creek’ fits perfectly into the current debate over who owns the rivers, the clouds and the rain.

11 November 2012
Media & Reviews

Four more years of same old

So Barack Obama won a second term as US president earlier in the week, and there really isn't anything positive to say about that.

8 November 2012
Workers & Economy

175 000 unemployed ‘national disgrace’

Unemployment has risen to 7.3 per cent, or 175,000 people. Figures released today show the highest unemployment rate in 20 years. Unions and beneficiary groups are outraged.


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i hear there was a bunch of neo-nazis in Auckland too at the rally. We shouldn't be surprised that if our politics are crap - ie. letting NZ...

Resistance Party present at the STOP TPPA Protest in Dunedin
31st March 2014

Is this organised by a group or just a facebook event?

Spy on the spies: picket the GCSB
6th August 2013

Watchdog activists are today occupying a mining exploration site on conservation land in the Parakiwai Valley near Whangamata on the Coromandel...

Coromandel Watchdog Activists Camping on Gold Drill Rig
7th July 2013

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