1 November 2012

Ka Nui: organising against fossil fuel extraction

This gathering will explore what we'd like to be involved in and how we can organise together against the expansion of fossil fuel extraction in Aotearoa.

31 October 2012

Pacifism and non-violence

A talk about I will how one activist’s ideas about pacifism evolved through contact with feminist analysis and activism in international solidarity, anti-apartheid, peace, environmental and anarchist groups.

31 October 2012

Introduction to anarchism

A talk about anarchism as a philosophy, as a means of organising society, its relationship with activist politics and as a historical movement at 19 Tory St, Wellington.

31 October 2012

Pirates, coastguards and warships at the Horn of Africa

Why were ten Somali recently on trial for ’piracy’ in Germany?

30 October 2012
Workers & Economy

Rio Tinto, Tell the truth

Rio Tinto is treatening to close its Bluff smelter as a tactic to try to pressure Meridian over its power price contract, which has already been negotiated and is due to take effect in January.


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Another period of occupation took place in the Octagon yesterday afternoon. The weather was punishing, and the group packed up just before dark,...

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