17 December 2012
Workers & Economy

Beneficiary Impact: An Overview 2

Last week Auckland Action Against Poverty held the first ever Beneficiary 'Impact' in Auckland, writes Chris Zack.

10 December 2012
Workers & Economy

Beneficiary ‘Impact’ Sees Shocking Need for Food Grants 1

Auckland Action Against Poverty, along with advocates from the North Island, were shocked today to see such a saddening need for food grants at the Onehunga 'Impact', says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Sarah Thompson.

7 December 2012
Workers & Economy

Direct Action Casework Gets the Goods

Auckland Action Against Poverty, a local beneficiary rights group taking action against welfare reform, has been busy implementing a unique form of welfare advocacy in the Auckland region.

16 November 2012
Protest & Revolution

MSD Occupiers Appear in Court, Remanded until April

This morning, 4 members of Auckland Action Against Poverty appeared in court to defend against charges of willfull trespass for their occupation of the Ministry of Social Development on September 18th.


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Kia ora, No, have not beyond this really. We are of course happy to help other groups get setup around the country in any way we can. This event...

Beneficiary Impact: An Overview
19th December 2012

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