3 December 2015
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DLANZ Disabled celebrate International Day of Disability / Hauaa Music is the Word as Songs for Peace 1

Today, 3 December 3, 2015 is International Day for People with Disabilities Auckland Radio Waatea celebrate this event interviewing a community organization who assist young disabled (age 6-25 years), to express themselves through music

19 November 2015
Protest & Revolution

DLANZ Disabled Boycott NZ Flag Referendum Return to Sender No Thank You Thank You Very Much

John Key is NOT Elvis Presley…Flag the Referendum as a low or no voter turnout will send a real signal from a disenchanted Voting Public. From In the Ghetto, Disabled have had enough. John Key is acting like a Roman Caesar no thanks.

8 November 2015
Media & Reviews

DLANZ Disabled critical of Radio NZ item ''Family stunts growth of severely disabled daughter'' 28 October 2015

This 'Ashley Treatment' is a perverse form of Eugenics and Genocide backed by a Media badly trained in the area of Disability Awareness. World Theories causes Chaos ''..its comparable to the practice of enforced female circumcision'' DLANZ

19 September 2015
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DLANZ Disabled and Kauri Issues 7 Volume is Loud AND Proud

A quote for people around the World , is one of Mother Theresa’s given by a DLANZ Facebook member…'“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.....“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”....

8 August 2015
Maori & Tino Rangatiratanga

DLANZ Disabled and TPPA Delay a Window of Opportunity for Globalization to meet Indigenous

Transpacific Partnership Agreements have stalled and now gives Waitangi Tribunal to involve itself in such a Constitutional matter...As Citizens of Aotearoa NZ Disabled Liberation support claimants calls that Secret Deals lack integrity.

Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ DLANZ

Also known as; Disabled Aotearoa - Doug Hay - Disabled Liberation-Aotearoa - DLANZ 'The song remains the same'
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Great item Murray..have posted this on our Facebook ..your ideas match ours and kia kaha to you Doug Hay Cordinator

Demilitarising the Pacific starts at home, Jacinda
21st April 2018

Be warned fellow activists GENOCIDE...AL NAKBA.....this SS NAZI MEDICAL MODEL is trying to wipe away our rights by removing our heritage as some...

DLANZ Relaunch Original 2001 Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy... Tare te Haki
14th December 2016

Bob Marley 'Get Up Stand Up' Waiata to tautoko/support Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ DLANZ post relaunching original Whakanui Oranga NZ...

DLANZ Relaunch Original 2001 Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy... Tare te Haki
13th December 2016

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