6 December 2016
Media & Reviews

DLANZ Disabled and Kauri Issues volume 8 DLANZ Disabled stand with Standing Rock Warriors of the Rainbow unite in Solidarity

Indigenous Struggle, Social Justice Environmental Concerns over-arched and underpinned by Disability Doctrines and Disabled Beliefs are encapsulated in DLANZ regular irregular review for 2015/16. Some are Communiqués, some; more in-depth’.

29 November 2016
Opinion & Blogs

DLANZ Media Sports Watch Scenes of Corruption and Hooliganism like a Movie

eg Rio Olympics plus UEFA Soccer Cup The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Views from the Disabled Couch I could have thought I was watching a JAMES BOND movie with all the lead up.

16 June 2016
Government & Law

DLANZ Conflicting Models of Disability and World Theories Causing CHAOS for Disabled around the World...State the Obvious

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it. (W.Shirer 1960) ‘’The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’’

4 April 2016
Media & Reviews

DLANZ Disabled say TVNZ Kiwimeter belittles Maori and ignores Disabled

Is it deliberate as a distraction? DLANZ feel it is

16 February 2016
Government & Law

No Way says Doug Hay - DLANZ Disabled Citizen Rejects NZ Jury Service

I feel it is not disabled who are ‘retarded’, but it’s the system that is ‘sick’ So before I could ever trust your system again, it has a Crown whom operate with integrity by honoring ‘our’ NZ Disability Strategy / Whakanui Oranga 2001,

Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ DLANZ

Also known as; Disabled Aotearoa - Doug Hay - Disabled Liberation-Aotearoa - DLANZ 'The song remains the same'
MEDIA COMMUNIQUE....if you want this or any other releases in the Word document...contact email disabled.liberationz@gmail.com

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Great item Murray..have posted this on our Facebook ..your ideas match ours and kia kaha to you Doug Hay Cordinator

Demilitarising the Pacific starts at home, Jacinda
21st April 2018

Be warned fellow activists GENOCIDE...AL NAKBA.....this SS NAZI MEDICAL MODEL is trying to wipe away our rights by removing our heritage as some...

DLANZ Relaunch Original 2001 Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy... Tare te Haki
14th December 2016

Bob Marley 'Get Up Stand Up' Waiata to tautoko/support Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ DLANZ post relaunching original Whakanui Oranga NZ...

DLANZ Relaunch Original 2001 Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy... Tare te Haki
13th December 2016

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