29 October 2017
Science & Technology

DLANZ Dear Facebook Disabled express concern re Censorship Suspensions An Open Letter

So the purpose of this letter to Face Book i IS that nformation is Empowerment The Internet is now noted as The 5th Estate, a Censorship? Yes, so please could you stop this restriction and when moderating your groups, please take time to know them.

20 October 2017
Government & Law

DLANZ Labor Weekend Election Review….Flowers Become Screens…The Loss of Hauaa in Parliament’s Metiria Effect 2017

… Indigenous and Disabled Classes forever a Struggle if not United and given the results of NZ Election 2017, this is really important for Hauaa / Disabled without a voice for Disabled in Parliament, with the loss of Mojo Mather.?

17 June 2017
Media & Reviews

DLANZ Media Watch: Disabled World Run by Downs Better Than ‘A World Without

A World without Downs looked sterile and scary. SS Disabled Women have their say. Disabled babies are not responsible for man made economic mismanagement. This is all too familiar with Maori here in Aotearoa or like Australia's real 1st People

1 April 2017
Government & Law

DLANZ DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ Call April Fool Anniversary Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy 2001

'Whakanui Oranga NZDS 2001, a structural frame world strategy that helps identify ignorance from indifference for future generations of Aotearoa like Te Triti o Waitangi 1840. Both living documents across generations. Kia Kaha to both

12 December 2016
Protest & Revolution

DLANZ Relaunch Original 2001 Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy... Tare te Haki 2

Raise the Flag The 2016 version removes Aims still to fulfill and the Maori title. DLANZ do not accept or recognize that document as valid and reject Minister Wagner's attempt to destroy Our People Nga Hauaa

Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ DLANZ

Also known as; Disabled Aotearoa - Doug Hay - Disabled Liberation-Aotearoa - DLANZ 'The song remains the same'
MEDIA COMMUNIQUE....if you want this or any other releases in the Word document...contact email disabled.liberationz@gmail.com

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Great item Murray..have posted this on our Facebook ..your ideas match ours and kia kaha to you Doug Hay Cordinator

Demilitarising the Pacific starts at home, Jacinda
21st April 2018

Be warned fellow activists GENOCIDE...AL NAKBA.....this SS NAZI MEDICAL MODEL is trying to wipe away our rights by removing our heritage as some...

DLANZ Relaunch Original 2001 Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy... Tare te Haki
14th December 2016

Bob Marley 'Get Up Stand Up' Waiata to tautoko/support Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ DLANZ post relaunching original Whakanui Oranga NZ...

DLANZ Relaunch Original 2001 Whakanui Oranga NZ Disability Strategy... Tare te Haki
13th December 2016

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