21 November 2017
Immigration & Borders

5 'A Sentimental Journey through Sydney' edited

Sydney in 1959 was one of the world's wealthiest cities; The government, in order to stay so, joined USA, attacking Vietnam. The nuclear war base in the desert contained anti-communists. In Woomera the free-world army was preparing for the attack.

7 November 2017
Government & Law

Homage to all the different people of Hispania

Havoc and turmoil are descending upon Spain. People in Catalonia are demanding quite peacefully independence, which Madrid won't grant. "But! We want to be alone, to own our own State," is the reply. Alone! Is it racism, or wealth accumulation wish?

31 October 2017
Immigration & Borders

4 'A Sentimental Journey through Sydney' edited

The Australian continent was not inhabited by humans when around the world civilisations had been flourishing for a long time. The Aborigines began to arrive 13 thousand years ago. 1788 British began settling. After 1945 other Europeans came too.

17 October 2017
Workers & Economy

Today, the only progress worth attaining is social progress

In our world people are subjugated by an elite that take possession of the State. Rulers become owners of Land and Capital. Impoverished masses become slaves. Elements of domination include Law, Army, Police which are used to perpetuate exploitation

4 October 2017
Immigration & Borders

3 "A Sentimental Journey through Sydney." edited

The world is perishing and migration is a must for entire groups of people, barring others. It will be criminal to say this chunk of earth is exclusively for any masterrace. In the fifties a British Dominion gave assisted passage to white migrants.

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Domination by Wealth
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