26 July 2017
Government & Law

The hidden forces place their pawn

A set of smart modern leaders with power of attorney from hidden forces are taking the world to utter ruin. In France new president coming out of the blue is imposed as the solution, while decline, unemployment go on. Suffering, terrorism increase .

7 July 2017
Immigration & Borders

1 A Sentimental Journey through Sydney, edited

The postwar saw young Europeans, mainly men, migrating to Australia, who succeeded. Many suffered from solitude and homesickness. How many cared about colonial wars, pain and terror inflicted on innocent people only wanting to obtain independence?

23 May 2017
Immigration & Borders

A Sentimental Journey through Sydney, nine

Nowadays migrant means downtrodden to death; but the Europeans are ex-pats. In yesteryears when usurpers peopled 'aboriginal' lands overseas invaders immigrated to Australia, Canada, USA etc. Herein the story of two Spaniards in Sydney late fifties.

5 May 2017

Things that are not said by paid sycophants, second

The course of World War 1939-45 changed when Russia defeated Germany 1943. Then UK and USA sought Stalin's alliance. Also 1943 Washington maliciously caused Victor Kravchenko Soviet Diplomat to defect and publish anticommunist book I CHOSE FREEDOM

18 April 2017
Immigration & Borders

A sentimental journey through Sydney, eight

European young men migrated freely to Australia in 1959, good prospects. Young women did not go there in general. Good money, but also solitude, no female. Result homesickness and depression. Paradox of wealth, marvellous place as well as melancholy

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