24 January 2018
Immigration & Borders

Returning Migrants, edited

Emigrating is serious step to take, leaving places, things, people intimately linked with you and end up connected to others relatively alien. Result can be homesickness. Migrants returning by ship in 1959; separations Overseas Terminal a new thorn?

13 January 2018
State Repression

Capitalism fails and sinks

Since 1977 capitalists knew system was perishing. After 2008 it went down a cliff, growth inexistent, our earth collapsing. Ten years later destruction everywhere; prediction of exhaustion of planet for 2055. Why? Greed of a few. Let's change this

14 December 2017
Immigration & Borders

6 'A Sentimental Journey through Sydney;' edited

Few people know Australia collaborated with USA during Cold War. Menzies government joined in the criminal Vietnam war. All through Cold War years policy was anticommunism. Living standards were high for a selected White population. Here 2 migrants.

14 December 2017
State Repression

"Pernicious Blood Sucker of Sleeping Men"

In finance-plus-crime, maximising profits is the purpose, whitewashed beforehand, because Law is prefabricated to allow crimes. "Rascals, here is gold!" Here is money, here preferential banks, floating capital, criminal paradises by the thousand!!

21 November 2017
Immigration & Borders

5 'A Sentimental Journey through Sydney' edited

Sydney in 1959 was one of the world's wealthiest cities; The government, in order to stay so, joined USA, attacking Vietnam. The nuclear war base in the desert contained anti-communists. In Woomera the free-world army was preparing for the attack.

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