23 May 2017
Immigration & Borders

A Sentimental Journey through Sydney, nine

Nowadays migrant means downtrodden to death; but the Europeans are ex-pats. In yesteryears when usurpers peopled 'aboriginal' lands overseas invaders immigrated to Australia, Canada, USA etc. Herein the story of two Spaniards in Sydney late fifties.

5 May 2017

Things that are not said by paid sycophants, second

The course of World War 1939-45 changed when Russia defeated Germany 1943. Then UK and USA sought Stalin's alliance. Also 1943 Washington maliciously caused Victor Kravchenko Soviet Diplomat to defect and publish anticommunist book I CHOSE FREEDOM

18 April 2017
Immigration & Borders

A sentimental journey through Sydney, eight

European young men migrated freely to Australia in 1959, good prospects. Young women did not go there in general. Good money, but also solitude, no female. Result homesickness and depression. Paradox of wealth, marvellous place as well as melancholy

21 March 2017

Things that are not said by the paid sycophants

Today it is obvious the twentieth century was one of horror, killings, injustice, chicanery, robbery and lies of which capitalism-imperialism is guilty. The evil hidden forces controlling our society impose fallacious ideas upon ordinary mortals.

28 February 2017
Immigration & Borders

Migrant becomes a man of property, two

European migrants encounter a new life in a Sydney inner suburb. Population mainly of British descent on land previously inhabited by Aboriginals. After World War 2 also Continental European migrants. Here one example of a suburban street in 1959.

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