19 September 2017
War & Militarism

The madness of contemplating an attack on North Korea

There have always been Great Powers bullying other States. In 1951 USA and Satellites invaded Korea claiming communism there threatened world and almost lost the war (1953) with many thousands of Marines killed. Does America now want to start again?

5 September 2017
Immigration & Borders

2 A Sentimental Journey through Sydney, edited

According to Australian writer George Johnston Australia was not meant to be a country for people. Immigrants from India long ago did migrate on foot in small numbers. End 18th century Whites arrived. Late 1950s a Spaniard meets Ukrainian escapee.

5 September 2017
Protest & Revolution

Life and Revolution

There's a theory/belief that Power Elite plots against youth with unemployment, etc. The idle become suicidal because they see no future, adopt terrorism. The cause of this is capitalism's greed. The effect will be havoc and bring blood and ruin.

26 July 2017
Government & Law

The hidden forces place their pawn

A set of smart modern leaders with power of attorney from hidden forces are taking the world to utter ruin. In France new president coming out of the blue is imposed as the solution, while decline, unemployment go on. Suffering, terrorism increase .

7 July 2017
Immigration & Borders

1 A Sentimental Journey through Sydney, edited

The postwar saw young Europeans, mainly men, migrating to Australia, who succeeded. Many suffered from solitude and homesickness. How many cared about colonial wars, pain and terror inflicted on innocent people only wanting to obtain independence?

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