6 June 2018
Immigration & Borders

9 "A Sentimental Journey through Sydney" edited

Australia is an underpopulated continent. After World War 2 many thousands of Europeans came assisted passage, or otherwise, settling mainly in largest cities. In Sydney lonely male immigrants hoped to see the arrival of their wives or girlfriends

6 June 2018
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About the Soviet Collapse

Considering that there are two social alternatives: capitalism and communism, the collapse of the Soviet Union was a great tragedy 74 years after Revolution. Humanity fell into barbaric horror. However there is light at the end of the tunnel: China

18 April 2018
Immigration & Borders

7 'A Sentimental Journey through Sydney', edited

Peopling vast nearly-empty country was always a main preoccupation. After World War European migrants settled, majority in 3 coastal cities expanding into sublime suburbia. Sydney has, halfway down to the sea, primeval forest Royal Centennial Park

3 March 2018
Immigration & Borders

8 'A Sentimental Journey through Sydney', edited

Migrants, refugees, escapees or sentimental travellers are the same. Those years Australia received all with open arms, the WHITE AUSTRALIA policy. But all is not gold that glitters, nor are displaced persons all O.K. Where to see this is Sydney.

13 February 2018
Government & Law

"The princess is sad, what may the princess have"

The Brexit question has submerged Britain in a quandary; it seems the mess won't be solved. In international relations imperialists seek positions of strength. An awful paradox, for dying Capital has not a minute to spare. Catastrophe is the word.

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