13 November 2018

The Conferences deliberately omitted from world history

Now, when we see that Capitalism is a cadaver, yet still seems alive, one asks when the fall began. In 1945? When capitalists decided to hold on to their colonies? In fact it started 1 year earlier 1944 with the Bretton Woods (USA) Conferences

2 October 2018
Workers & Economy

Capitalism-imperialism the cancer of the earth

When looking at the free world the word that comes to mind is consternation. The British prime minister, the French president, the German chancellor are undecided. They do not know what to do. They only say trivialities . And fascism comes along

11 September 2018
Immigration & Borders

From Ruined Europe to White Australia

There was a time when Europeans most savagely slaughtered one another, until 1945. Escaping from horror, one man arrived in Australia, a continent where Aborigènes did not enjoy any human rights whereas white migrants received assisted passage.

25 July 2018
Government & Law

Colonisation from here to eternity

Those Pacific islands inhabited from time immemorial by Kanak nation have an Added population helping French Capitalism exploit the subsoil. Now the people are to vote in a referendum for independence or continuing colonisation. France is lying.

18 July 2018
Immigration & Borders

Two Migrants Down Under

Man was born in Africa and migration spread humans all over. The earth belongs to nobody and migrating is natural to Man. In 20th Century Europe the war caused general ruin. Overseas White Powers welcomed European escapees; many settled in Sydney.

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Domination by Wealth
20th February 2013

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