25 July 2018
Government & Law

Colonisation from here to eternity

Those Pacific islands inhabited from time immemorial by Kanak nation have an Added population helping French Capitalism exploit the subsoil. Now the people are to vote in a referendum for independence or continuing colonisation. France is lying.

18 July 2018
Immigration & Borders

Two Migrants Down Under

Man was born in Africa and migration spread humans all over. The earth belongs to nobody and migrating is natural to Man. In 20th Century Europe the war caused general ruin. Overseas White Powers welcomed European escapees; many settled in Sydney.

26 June 2018
State Repression

A few thoughts about the so-called European Union

Just as a State is instrument for exploiting masses, so is EU a tool of domination, only bigger. If State has already divided society into classes, under artificial larger EU subjects are thrown in a common pan to be cooked and eaten by ogre finance

6 June 2018
Immigration & Borders

9 "A Sentimental Journey through Sydney" edited

Australia is an underpopulated continent. After World War 2 many thousands of Europeans came assisted passage, or otherwise, settling mainly in largest cities. In Sydney lonely male immigrants hoped to see the arrival of their wives or girlfriends

6 June 2018
Opinion & Blogs

About the Soviet Collapse

Considering that there are two social alternatives: capitalism and communism, the collapse of the Soviet Union was a great tragedy 74 years after Revolution. Humanity fell into barbaric horror. However there is light at the end of the tunnel: China

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Domination by Wealth
20th February 2013

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