19 February 2019

When a State is under the boot of fascism

In 1948 in Madrid, when democracy and justice were absent, upperclass school-leavers, 18, competing to enter university, had to pass an official exam in order to go on. Failure, however, might serve to show there was greater suffering in Spain.

5 February 2019

Madrid under the boot of fascism

The War's purpose had been to restore democracy. But for Spain it was consolidation of fascism. Churchill et al in 1945 in Potsdam condemned Spaniards to 40 years slavery so that communism might fail in Russia and worldwide. Now we have populism.

21 January 2019

Madrid under the boot of fascism

Fascism is the word, not populism, which conveys the idea of popular and people. In Madrid 1940 Italy, Germany and local fascism destroyed democracy, aided by Britain. People suffered hunger, illnesses, cruel jail sentences, child tuberculosis, etc.

18 December 2018
Government & Law

Class struggle leading to revolution

There's been a 3-week revolution in France called "Yellow Vests" causing establishment to tremble. The movement extended to all provinces and partly-destroyed monumental Paris, image and finance; children involved. Poor masses against rich elite

13 November 2018

The Conferences deliberately omitted from world history

Now, when we see that Capitalism is a cadaver, yet still seems alive, one asks when the fall began. In 1945? When capitalists decided to hold on to their colonies? In fact it started 1 year earlier 1944 with the Bretton Woods (USA) Conferences

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Domination by Wealth
20th February 2013

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