20 August 2019

Journey through the American Dream

In 1946 UNO voted boycott on Spain while supporting fascist regime because Franco represented for the West an asset as barrier against communism. The nation suffered, famine etc. Hollywood sent the American Dream via movies whilst Spaniards died.

6 August 2019
Workers & Economy

For what we have not done

In Australia in the 60s visiting friends could often mean a drive of one hundred miles, staying for the weekend. Properties with huge grounds; the bush; barbecues. Workers against Vietnam war, dockers' strikes. But what more could have been done?

11 June 2019

Things I learned that spring 1954

Hitch-hiking through Europe after war student finds defeated Germans ten times richer than Spaniards. Though law graduate he does manual jobs to earn his bread; he sees West Germans pampered by capitalism so as to fight communism. Nazis now allies.

27 May 2019

Things I learned in West Germany 1954

The son of a police chief in fascist Spain leaves his country and the possibility of good post in the government to go hitch-hiking to north west Europe. He sees that a new country West Germany, founded in 1947, was much more prosperous than his own

13 May 2019
Workers & Economy

My journey through the twentieth century 2

Barcelona in 1935 developed industry and class struggle. Labour lacked vision. State helped bosses. Unrest in factories, anarchism active among workers who were made to believe revolution had been won. Only a split was achieved, fascism came in.

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