7 April 2021
Immigration & Borders

A man without ambition

A migrant to Australia is lonely without a woman, but is successful in other respects. This makes him surly. At weekends he goes alone to a sandy beach. At N.S.W. University one Friday he falls in love with pretty student. Sunday he sees her again

9 March 2021
Protest & Revolution

Purely in the streets of Paris, oh! long ago

A lawyer, still in his fifties, who has worked internationally loses his job in Paris. His wife, a high school teacher, takes part in a 'demo' on May 1st, and he follows. He describes streets, participants, fervour, buildings and his own feelings.

16 February 2021
Immigration & Borders

And a new life was just commencing

A new migrant in Australia finds air pollution, arrives in Ultimo, a poor Sydney suburb. He had left his wife in Europe and now repents. An intellectual obliged to accept manual work, he is a macho Spaniard, fails to find his place in new country.

26 January 2021

What went fundamentally wrong with the twentieth century

Catastrophe is the word anywhere you look in ex-free world. Each of our representatives is a crook and/or a solemn ignoramus striving to save the system. What if in Covid we have the chance of seeking change? Don't let capitalism continue.

13 January 2021

Taking a new step in what we call life

Spanish lad travels to agricultural camp in Yorkshire, UK, to take job of a dead farmhand in World War 2. A government scheme: campers mostly students of several nationalities, 1953. Timid, he meets girls, falls in love with blonde Swede who leaves

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Domination by Wealth
20th February 2013

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