13 May 2019
Workers & Economy

My journey through the twentieth century 2

Barcelona in 1935 developed industry and class struggle. Labour lacked vision. State helped bosses. Unrest in factories, anarchism active among workers who were made to believe revolution had been won. Only a split was achieved, fascism came in.

30 April 2019

My journey through the twentieth century

In a country where one region developed industry (beginning 20th century) there was necessarily internal migration. Impossible today to speak of pure race in Catalunya. More workers absulutely needed. Story of policeman brought to control unrest.

16 April 2019
Ecology & Environment

Come, come, let us all save the world together!

Science has shown Earth is collapsing. Stellar body which took many millions to develop has been consumed by capitalism in a couple of centuries. Children's demonstrations will not be able to save us; nor monsters like Trump. Let us change régime.

18 March 2019
Race & Racism

For a Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

In a world where native populations are systematically undervalued and excluded a revolution for integration is the first need. The Spanish "Conquista" in all America created slavery. "Encomienda de Indios". Foreign intervention is entirely illegal.

11 March 2019
Protest & Revolution

The way the French look at revolution

Revolution is the essence of history. Fascism is counter-revolutionary. Here capitalist régime tries to turn back the clock . Against the present French government 'les gilets jaunes' are attempting to destroy élitism. Will their ideas prevail?

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