Terror in Mali : An Attack on China and Russia

Terror in Mali : An Attack on China and Russia technicians
to halt their development assistance to undeveloped countries.

Terror in Mali : An Attack on China and Russia

Coming on the heels of the terrorist attack in Paris, the mass shooting and siege at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, the capital of the African nation of Mali, is still further evidence of the escalation of terrorism throughout the world. While there has already been much written about the incident in both western and non-western media, one critical angle on this story has been entirely ignored:

the motive.

For although it is true that most people think of terrorism as entirely ideologically driven, with motives being religious or cultural, it is equally true that

much of what gets defined as “terrorism” is in fact politically motivated violence that is intended to send a message
to the targeted group or nation.

So it seems that the attack in Mali could very well have been just such an action as news of the victims
has raised very serious questions about just what the motive for this heinous crime might have been.

International media have now confirmed that
at least nine of the 27 killed in the attack were Chinese and Russian.

While this alone would indeed be curious,
it is the identities and positions of those killed that is particularly striking.

The three Chinese victims were important figures in China’s China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC),

while the Russians were employees of Russian airline Volga-Dnepr.

That it was these individuals who were killed at the very outset of the attack suggests that they were the likely targets
of what could perhaps rightly be called
a terrorist assassination operation.




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