Hamilton will be Fluoride-Free by 21 June 2013

"Hamilton City Councillors voted 7-1 to stop Fluoridation on 5th June... 1567 submissions were received in March. The majority (1386) of submissions wanted Council to stop, with only 174 submissions supporting the continuation of fluoride."

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This is very good news. Fluoride is only truly effective if applied topically, in other words, directed onto the teeth. This can be done by brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Unfortunately there are some quacks out there who think that water fluoridation is responsible for the decrease in dental decay over the past 30-60 years, but really, the only reason dental decay has reduced is because of more awareness, and also the fact that more and more people brush their teeth. Nobody needs ineffective water fluoridation, what's the point when there's already fluoride in toothpaste? What about mental patients who are on fluoride-based phara drugs like prozac aka fluoxitine? They'll get an over-dose if fluoride is added to water.

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