Oil Free Wellington Calls For ‘Anadarko Amendment’ To Be Overturned

Oil Free Wellington says the revelation today that the "Anadarko Amendment" was introduced at the request of Shell Oil corporation in a backroom deal, further proves the level to which the Government is in the pockets of the oil and gas industry.

The ‘Anadarko Amendment’ which was passed under urgency after no public consultation, removes the human right to protest and it has now been confirmed was introduced following a paper submitted by Shell Oil asking for such a law change.

The information was released today by the Labour Party.

“Communities are outraged by the Government forging ahead with the tender process for hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of our coast for deep sea oil exploration, despite widespread opposition. Instead of responding to the public's outcry, the Government is making deals to remove our legal and human rights in secret meetings with foreign oil companies,' said Fi Gibson, Oil Free Wellington spokesperson.

‘What the Government has effectively confirmed, yet again, is that oil and gas companies have more rights in New Zealand than communities do.’

‘Communities will continue to organise to oppose exploration for deep sea oil off our coasts. The risks are too great and where the Government fails to pay attention to community demands, we will keep working together across Aotearoa to protect our environment, climate and livelihoods.’


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