Two bashed Manus refugees finally released after 36 hours


The two people beaten by PNG police on New Year's Eve have been released by the police back into the detention centre on Manus. The detention centres must be closed and the asylum seekers welcomed into Australia

Two Iranian refugees, Mehdi (26) and Mohammad (28), arrested and bashed by up to 10 PNG police and immigration officers on New Year’s eve have finally been released by the Manus police after more than 36 hours in custody.

Despite direct pleas from other refugees, the Manus police denied them any medical attention for their serious injuries while they were in detention.

This morning (Mon 2 Jan) Australian Border Force officers attended the police station offering to take the refugees from the Manus police to get medical treatment from IHMS at the Manus detention centre.

But, in a move that would be familiar to Minister Peter Dutton from his days in the Queensland police, the Manus police demanded bail of 200 kina (A$100) on manufactured charges of ‘drunkenness’ and ‘resisting arrest’.

Overnight, the medical condition of the arrested refugees has deteriorated. Mohammad reports that there is blood in his urine. Neither refugee has received medical attention or pain relief for Mehdi’s possibly broken wrist and jaw; nor for Mohammad’s possibly broken nose.

IHMS has been put on standby to see them immediately after their release from police custody.

The arrest and bashing has highlighted the human rights abuses inflicted on refugees on Manus inside and outside the detention centre.

Only a week after the death of Faysal – the denial of medical treatment has been revealed to be a systemic issue to maintain control over refugees on Manus.

“The human rights of the Manus refugees have been systemically abused since they were placed in the illegal detention prison in August 2013″, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“The Australian government has a responsibility and a duty of care to those that have been put in harm’s way on Manus Island. The human rights of those who seek asylum cannot be suspended on the basis of a dubious US resettlement deal that is months away if it ever happens.

“The Manus refuges and asylum seekers must be brought to Australia where they can get the protection they need.”

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713


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