Thomas 'Andrew' Gibson - Gibson Security


The Hobbit's bogus bodyguard ... the video clip itself shows Gibson in an 'its all about me' light. Jamie Hood Wilson (Also a lover of pies) was a director and shareholder of Gibson Hospitality. He KNEW gibson was bankrupt and still hired him.

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How does the man still trade? Clearly running Gibson Security and a self confessed Geberal Manager while also in Hope Bros and Chicago bars.

Did no one tell him -

149 Prohibition of bankrupt entering business
• (1) An undischarged bankrupt must not, without the consent of the Assignee or the court, either directly or indirectly,—
• (a) enter into, carry on, or take part in the management or control of any business:
• (b) be employed by a relative of the bankrupt:
• (c) be employed by a company, trust, trustee, or incorporated society that is owned, managed, or controlled by a relative of the bankrupt.
(2) Nothing in this section restricts section 151 of the Companies Act 1993.
Compare: 1967 No 54 s 62

Oh and your not supposed to rip people off either Andrew.

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