Why doesn’t Israeli press office share byline for New York Times’ Gaza coverage?


The New York Times report predictably repeats the false narrative that Israel’s airstrikes were a response to rocket fire from Gaza, ignoring the series of extrajudicial executions that Israel has committed in Gaza during the past month.

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Apparently you are unaware of the demographics of the readership of the New York Times. Yes of course this paper is going to be pro Israel. "Zionists"make up too large a percentage to their customer base.

Understand? The reason isn't Israeli control of the paper but the fact that this is the paper of the middle/upper classes (our use of the term "middle class" and "upper class", not the British) and the literate/academic class in the New York metropolitan area. That's New York City, nearby Long Island, Southeastern Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey. Heaviest "Zionist" concentration in America.

That is the concept of "free press". Everybody free to publish the narrative that THEY consider to represent the truth. Assuming of course, that they can afford a press.

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