Drowned Syrian toddler an all too familiar sight for Australian eyes


The photos of a Syrian toddler drowned, murdered, by Fortress Europe, are all too familiar. In Australia, there have been many such children to mourn, many such murders to avenge.

Liam Ward writes in Red Flag that the photos of the drowned Syrian are all too familiar. In Australia there have also been many such deaths as people seek asylum.

In October 2001, the SIEV X slowly sank, taking 353 lives including 146 children. We subsequently leaned that the Australian Federal Police had on several occasions paid people to scuttle asylum seeker vessels leaving Indonesia, to ensure that they never reached Australia. SIEV X may have been one of these.

In December 2011, the Barokah sank with about 250 people on board. Australian authorities knew within hours, and Indonesian authorities asked them 16 times for assistance. They refused, and 201 people drowned over several days.

In June 2012, the Kaniva sank off Christmas Island. Australia and Indonesia spent 30 hours arguing over who should offer assistance. The people on-board made numerous calls to Australian authorities, pleading for rescue. Australian authorities ignored them for more than 36 hours. More than 90 people drowned.

In August 2012, an un-named boat sank off Java. Australian authorities refused to help, despite knowing exactly where the boat was and with the knowledge that Indonesian authorities were not equipped for night searches. Six people were rescued by a passing cargo ship 24 hours after the sinking. Approximately 100 were never found.

In June 2013, a boat sank just 28 nautical miles north of Christmas Island. Australian authorities claimed they had no idea where the boat was, and maintained that claim even after releasing an aerial photograph of the vessel taken before it sank. Australia’s Rescue Co-ordination Centre declined to mount an immediate search. Finally, a search began once debris was reported. An estimated 60 people were drowned, including 2 babies.

In September 2013, a boat sank en route from Indonesia to Australia. Its passengers say they made numerous mayday calls to Australian authorities. “We called them and we told them we’re sinking, we need anybody to help us”, Abdullah al Qisi told the Australian. “And they were telling us ‘we’re coming, we’re coming’ and they didn’t come.” More than 50 people drowned, including many children.

These are just some, and certainly not all of the lives lost to a callous immigration regime.

Those lucky enough to survive these tragedies and make it to Australia were thrown into concentration camps, where minds and bodies are broken over many years, where sexual abuse, torture and even murder are occurring, and where whistleblowers face jail sentences.

Tear down Fortress Europe. Tear down Fortress Australia


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