John Key's "legacy"

letter to editor of Christchurch Press

What is the likely public opinion of John Key as former PM?

The Editor
The Press
23 August, 2015

Dear Editor:

With the Prime Minister musing about his legacy, now is a good time to think about what the New Zealand public will think of John Key as a former Prime Minister.
From the perspective that the PM’s consistent “teflon” popularity through this period has come primarily from the National government’s clear message that they will do nothing of significance to deal with the real world of climate change, the public’s view of John Key will change quickly once he is no longer in that role.

Every time the PM speaks, a great fog comes from his mouth and blankets the country allowing New Zealand to slowly flow on zombie-like. When the fog lifts, as it inevitably will after he leaves the post, the PM’s influence will dissolve along with the fog. New Zealand will likely find itself in a new, perhaps puzzled, consciousness with no real memory of John Key.

Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St.
Wellington 6022


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