Poppies at Tower Bridge

Comment from a Oneness perspective


What is past is past and cannot effect the present for it exists only in memory or as perceived by the present mind of an observer, of recorded events.

The fallacy in the argument that "Lest we forget we may repeat our past disasters" is best illustrated by the Grandfather paradox which in fact is not a paradox for many reasons (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandfather_paradox).

All conflicts violent or otherwise) are the direct result of separation or division (Duality). The separation may be ideological, political or religious (Three most common forms) or simply physical such as a fence or "line in the sand."

Remembering the fallen of past conflicts is a system (Civilisation) method of control that relies entirely on emotion and is light on facts. Hence its adoption by Main Stream Media (MSM) as an idea worth following.

For example; even the number of dead combatants (888,246) is factually inaccurate as some remains were never properly accounted for (Insufficient remains found, personnel record inaccuracies, or unfound deserters) as shown recently by the Poppy Display in Tower of London is one dubious statistical fact promoted by the display creator (Tom Piper).

More importantly, if one is to learn from the mistakes of the past as the reason behind "Lest we Forget," then the root cause(s) of WW I is/are the central lesson(s) to be learned.
Changes in; International and State law (Genocide, crimes against humanity etc.); Creation of the League of Nations (After WW I) and United Nations (After WW II) as places for non-violent conflict resolution; increased literacy worldwide; social media activism (Occupy movement) and the reducing influence of traditional powers such as monarchy, dictatorship, political ideology (Communism & Democracy) and religion are all indicators of over emotion in the quest for less violent conflict.

These have had far more positive effect on the “lessons learned” than the remembrance of fallen combatants in WW I (Poppies at Tower Bridge).
The end of conflict in all its forms can only be achieved in human affairs by the awareness of Oneness where the Observer is the Observed.

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