Ukraine slides into chaos as neocon regime-change plan goes awry (Part 1)

The destabilizing impact of foreign-power intervention in Ukraine has climaxed with the country teetering on the brink of civil war as violence escalates between pro-Russian militiamen and Ukrainian government troops.

While both Russia and the US-led Western powers share in the blame for the crisis in Ukraine, the immediate and first cause of the current crisis is once again the US neoconservative regime-change agenda.

The push to overthrow the government of President Viktor Yanukovych was in reaction to policy issues that could have been resolved through the ballot box. Elections already scheduled to take place in 2015 could have provided constitutionally approved means for Ukrainians to express their will peacefully, but instead, US-sponsored NGOs, self-styled "pro-democracy groups," instigated regime change using ultranationalist groups better known for their neo-Nazi and ideological antecedents than for their love of democracy.

Yanukovych had reached a negotiated agreement with opposition leaders that included a plan for early elections and a power-sharing arrangement with the opposition when unidentified snipers fired on protesters, killing 20.

The incident led to violent escalation of the crisis and the toppling of the government of President Yanukovych. We still don't know who fired the shots, but what is known is that the shots came from the top of a building under the control of a pro-Maidan group.

Evidence that the shots were probably fired by pro-Maidan snipers came from a leaked phone conversation that took place between EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet (see YouTube audio above).

According to The Guardian, Paet told Ashton he learned that the snipers who killed both police and civilians were pro-Maidan provocateurs working to scuttle the truce between opposition groups and Yanukovych's government.

But the version of events that won in the Western media, as's Justin Raimondo notes, is that which promoted the melodramatic narrative of good guys driving the bad guys out of power in Ukraine.

But ultimately, the efforts by Western governments, backed by conniving neocon-controlled mainstream media, to manage dissemination of information promoting the image of Western innocence and Russian guilt, demonizing President Vladimir Putin of Russia, casting him in the stereotypical mold of a Stalinist dictator bent on provoking a new Cold War, has failed in a world of alternative electronic media sources.

Oh, yes, we know that Putin is a "KGB thug." You would be living in fantasy la-la-land if you nursed any impression of Putin other than just that. But CIA agents and US State Department neocons aren't haloed saints either. The blatant hypocrisy of the Hollywood movie narrative of Western good guys versus Russian bad guys is one that works only for those who are susceptible to such propaganda, having cultivated inflexible anti-Russian sentiments, the legacy of Western Cold War-era indoctrination.

It is only in the foreign-policy world of neoconservatism, steeped in the projection of arrogant power, that it seems right to foment violent regime change in a country thousands of miles away from your borders and then shift the blame for the chaos that results entirely on the regional power that rises to defend its immediate security interests in its own region.

It is in the topsy-turvy world of neocon logic that you believe you have the God-given right to indulge your pyromaniacal tendencies in another man's backyard while demanding that he stay indoors and mind his business even as the fire threatens to spread and consume his home.

The ideology of neoconservatism is simple but deadly. In the words of former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, it is an ideology of war that preaches militarist world domination but avoids projecting the image of Nazi-style villainy by employing carefully crafted language leaning on the sanitizing rhetoric of "exceptionalism" which confers the right to play the self-appointed role of world police.

But being the world police comes with privileges that rise above international law to "commit war crimes ... naked aggression ... torture" in the name world peace and security, a euphemism for the status quo.

Neoconservatism is the ultimate display of the arch-imperialist's militaristic arrogance. It demands the subordination of the immediate national security interests of other nations to those of the "new world order" project of a single power extending military alliances thousands of miles beyond its own borders, stretching its own God-given Monroe Doctrine rights generously to the ends of the earth while denying regional powers their own legitimate but limited expression of the same right.

JOHN-THOMAS DIDYMUS is based in Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, and is an Anchor for Allvoices.


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