A Resource for Activists Working Through Trauma


Political action can be stressful and upsetting, especially when experiencing or witnessing police violence. Local political groups have created a booklet listing some helpful tools about trauma, and how to support ourselves and each other

Challenging power is hard work, so how do we support each other through the tough times?

One of the amazing things about activists is that we are often willing to expose ourselves to stressful or potentially upsetting situations when we believe it is necessary as part of changing our world for the better. This work of confronting and speaking truth to power, and disrupting the status quo, is not easy.

Over the past few years, a number of us have witnessed an increase in police violence at blockades in Wellington and Auckland against the Weapons Expo and the Petroleum Summit. After the Petroleum Summit community blockade in Wellington last year, many of us were left exhausted, burnt out and either experiencing, or supporting those experiencing trauma as a result of the violent police response.

To download the zine and read the complete article, follow this link:


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