Wangan & Jagalingou: Political action steps up while we wait for a court decision on Adani


Our Federal Court case has been heard, and now we must keep fighting. We argued strongly in our trial against Adani’s sham ILUA, but we won’t get a judgement for months. Meanwhile the Qld government could extinguish our native title at any time.

By Adrian Burragubba, Murrawah Johnson & Linda Bobongie

Our Federal Court case has been heard, and now we must keep fighting. We argued strongly in our trial against Adani’s sham ILUA, but we won’t get a judgement for months.

As we wait, the Queensland Government could extinguish our native title at any time, paving the way for Adani’s destructive mine on our lands. And right now, there is nothing restraining them but the political consequences of doing it.

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Despite Premier Palaszczuk’s reassurances, the Queensland Government’s lawyers took a hostile position in the Federal Court. Our native title is not safe in their hands.

We are not sure who was instructing the State’s lawyers to go against the neutral position offered by the Premier. But we need to let the key players know we are onto them and their whitewash.

The Government still won’t meet us or answer our demands. We have to make sure they know we’re watching them and that we expect them to stand up for our land rights against Adani.

Please email the Premier and Deputy Premier again - and this time, as well, Cameron Dick, Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

Demand that the Queensland Cabinet publicly rules out extinguishing our native title for Adani. Let them know you still seek a commitment from them to meet with W&J Council representatives. And tell them any coal mining in the Galilee Basin is simply a dumb move, and that W&J Traditional Owners are seeking a sustainable future on their lands.

Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk -
Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad -
Minister for State Development, Cameron Dick -
Cc: us when you write at

With enough public awareness and pressure, together we can make it impossible for the Government to take the step Adani so desperately wants: extinguishment of our native title.

But if we take our eyes off the ball, they’ll strike. That’s why we can’t stop pressuring them, not even for a second. They need to know the community is watching.

We know we are holding Adani up. We know they need our consent (because they and their backers, like pro-coal Senator Matt Canavan, keep pretending they have it). We know Adani can’t even begin to move for real without our native title out of the way.

We are determined to prevent our land being taken and to protect our Country and sacred places from destruction.

We are campaigning hard and need your support.

We are fighting in the courts, in the political arena and in the community to expose the corruption of due process and the massive conflicts of interest from all involved in producing Adani’s sham ILUA.

It’s clear this land deal was delivered by vested interests and not the W&J people. Adani, the Queensland Government, and Queensland South Native Title Services have put this in place; and they are the ones opposing us in the court.

None of them for one minute worked to ensure our free, prior and informed consent, or to protect our native title - or accept that when we say no, we mean no.

There is no legitimacy to this dodgy ILUA, no matter the legal arguments. And there should be no extinguishment of our native title that relies on it. Not now, not ever!

If Adani's mine ever goes ahead it will destroy our lands and waters and sacred places and unleash a climate change nightmare on us all.

Let’s stay strong together.
As always, thanks for your generous support and for taking action.
Adrian Burragubba, Murrawah Johnson & Linda Bobongie
for the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council

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