700 refugees on Manus need us to #BringThemHere


Around 700 refugees are in an urgent situation on Manus Island. The detention centre in which the Australian Government has held them for months or years is set to be closed on 31st October. #BringThemHere

Although the detention centre has been a nightmarish experience for all held there, closing the centre leaves these people extremely vulnerable and without any support, in a hostile environment where local people have threatened violence against them.

Australia has washed their hands of these refugees. New Zealand should stand up for what’s right and urgently bring them here

What Can We Do?
Some ideas include:

Sign and share [this petition] demanding the NZ Government #BringThemHere.
Tweet at our PM @jacindaardern or Immigration Minister @IainLG – here are a couple of suggested tweets:
Hundreds of refugees on Manus in desperate situation as detention centre due to be closed. We need to bring them here @jacindaardern @IainLG

Refugees on Manus Island in danger as detention centre shuts. We need to urgently #BringThemHere! #RefugeesWelcome @jacindaardern @IainLG

Call or email your MP, Jacinda Ardern and Iain Lees-Galloway directly: jacinda.ardern@parliament.govt.nz / 04 817 9370 & iain.lees-galloway@parliament.govt.nz / 04 817 6967

Send a message of solidarity directly to refugees on Manus & let them know we stand with them and want them here. Iranian journalist Behrouz Boochani is being held on Manus & is reporting the situation there – tweet at him @BehrouzBoochani or use #BringThemHere


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This week I’ve seen first hand what can only be described as a humanitarian disaster perpetrated by Liberal and Labor governments. Share to spread the word: the government must take responsibility for these vulnerable people now!

This week I’ve travelled back to Manus Island. It’s the third time I’ve visited this year, and the third time I’ve walked right into a humanitarian catastrophe.

The asylum seekers and refugees I’ve met here have been stranded for 1700 days, enduring unimaginable deprivations and had their freedoms and rights trampled. Some have paid with their lives, others with their sanity.

Today, Peter Dutton has cut off their drinking water, electricity and food, leaving over 600 innocent people caught between PNG Navy personnel who attacked them with machine guns and shotguns on Good Friday this year, and many locals who do not want them in their community.

They are all justifiably scared for their safety. They need to be brought to safety. Now.

Share my post to spread the word: the world is watching what our government is doing on Manus Island. The time for Dutton and Turnbull to act is now. They must bring them here!

The reason these men are refusing to leave the detention centre, despite having no access to water in the soaring heat, is the very real threat of violence facing them if they do. The situation here is becoming more combustible every minute.

This catastrophe began when the Labor government opening the Manus Island camp back in 2012, and has cruelly continued under the current Turnbull/Dutton leadership. Today’s disaster is on all of their heads.

There is no solution for the nightmare that our Government has created except to end these peoples' suffering and bring them to Australia immediately.

Staff have already abandoned the centre, which means the time for action is now. Join our call by sharing my Facebook post.

Thanks for your support. Together, we will end the cruelty on Manus Island and Nauru.

Senator Nick McKim

Greens spokesperson for refugees

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