How to publish to Indymedia

Publishing artices to Indymedia is easy and anyone can do it. Simply follow these steps.

  1. First, we recommend you log in. This isn’t required but it will allow you to go back and edit your finished article after it has been published.

  2. Publish-to-indymedia-1

    Click the large green ‘publish’ button at the top of every page and from the drop-down menu select to publish an article.

  3. You will be taken to the article submission form. Every section with a red asterisk needs to be completed.

  4. Publish-to-indymedia-2

    Enter in your article title and summary. The summary is just a sentence or two and must be less than 250 characters. You'll see the form will let you know how many characters left you have for your summary.

  5. Publish-to-indymedia-3

    Now it’s time to enter your full article in to the body field. As you write, a ‘live preview’ will be generated beneath the body field showing you what your article will look like.

    You can use the formatting toolbar to set text as bold or italics, for creating links and headings, lists and blockquotes. Click here for help with text formatting.

  6. Publish-to-indymedia-4

    Select a category for your article and enter up to five tags. The tags are used to help people search for your article and can be anything you like.

    Separate each tag by a comma. As you enter tags, you will be offered a dropdown list of already-existing tags that you might want to use.

  7. Publish-to-indymedia-5

    If you want to add images to your article, click the ‘browse’ button and locate the image on your computer.

    You can add as many images as you like. Each time you want a new upload field, click the ‘add another image’ button.

    You can also rearrange the order of the images by dragging the arrows icon besides each. The topmost image will become the primary image for your article.

  8. Publish-to-indymedia-7

    If you didn't log in, you can provide an author name. If you don’t, the article will be attributed to ‘anonymous’.

    You’ll also be required to fill in the Captcha. Copy the letters from the jumbled image into the text box beside.

  9. Publish-to-indymedia-6

    That's it! If you’re happy with your article, press the big publish button.

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