The Bentley Effect - the story of a social movement


Come and see the film and join Oil Free Wellington to hear about what has been happening locally in the ongoing resistance to the expansion of fossil fuels.

When: 6:30pm Friday 6th October
Venue: 17 Tory st
Cost: $12
There will be kai to share

When the Northern Rivers of NSW community found their home being threatened by gas field industrialization, a critical mass of citizens from all walks of life responded to the call. Their deep love of the land led to a massive social movement and a historic showdown in Bentley, outside Lismore NSW. What happened in this once peaceful valley has now become the stuff of legend and is reverberating around the globe. Told through the eyes of the "Protectors" over a five-year period and inter-cut with fresh insight from some of the world's leading social commentators, this feature documentary captures and celebrates what is described as the non-violent 'Eureka Stockade' of our time.

Some of the film-makers and others who were part of the blockade camp will be touring the country and holding discussions at the screening.

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