Wellington protest in solidarity with People of Palestine


Civic Square - 4.30pm
Wellington protest to stand in solidarity with People of Palestine

Wellingtonians will protest in Civic Square this Friday the 28th of July at 4:30 pm to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Since July 14 Israel has taken control of Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa mosque complex. The site is of critical religious and cultural significance to Palestinians. By international law it is under the control of Palestinians, however the Israeli military and police have been installing various surveillance mechanisms and limiting access to the site.

Thousands of Palestinians joined in protest at these changes. Israeli police opened fired on these protests, and at least 4 unarmed protestors have been killed.

This protest calls for Israel to withdraw its occupation, from east Jerusalem and other areas of the West Bank.

The protest has been called by the local Palestinian Community, Unions Wellington and supported by local progressive groups.

Unions Wellington convenor Ben Peterson:-
“Kiwi’s have a proud history of standing against injustice elsewhere in the world. We can’t stand by and say nothing while Palestinians are stripped of their cultural and religious rights by the Israeli Apartheid regime.”

“Again we see Israel using collective punishment against the Palestinian people. This is not about religious conflict, this is about a military occupation applying pressure to an entire people that it seeks to displace. This needs to be condemned by the NZ government”

“Imagine if a foreign army occupied New Zealand and tried to control our sacred sites. There would be outrage if someone tried to take control of our Marae and our Churches. We must stand against injustice”


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