Unwelcome Tillerson from Parliament


Provide the opposite of a warm welcome: unwelcome Tillerson from Wellington. Keep an eye out for his convoy as it travels through Wellington and turn up to parliament on Tuesday. Fightback against climate denial & warmongering.

On Tuesday, the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson is landing in Wellington to meet with the NZ Government.

Rex Tillerson is no warm-hearted man. Before he took the role of Secretary of State to do Trump’s bidding, he was the CEO of ExxonMobil -- the company that despite knowing the truth about climate change since the 1960s waged a war of misinformation and denial that robbed humanity of a generation’s worth of time to reverse climate change.

We need to provide the opposite of the warm welcome Wellington normally gives: we need to unwelcome Tillerson from our Parliament, and protect our Government from climate denial and warmongering.

Hundreds of us will join together to protest outside Parliament on Tuesday.

This visit comes at a time as Donald Trump's announced that he will pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. 2016 was the hottest year ever, and a huge wakeup call. But 2017 is a fire alarm. Pulling the USA out of the Paris Agreement is a crime against our global future.

We need to protect our government from the influence of dirty oil and climate denial. We are mobilising on Tuesday to send a message to Tillerson and Trump that their climate denialism is not acceptable under our watch.

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