Introduction to economics: a short course for jobs and welfare activists

Auckland Action Against Poverty invites members and supporters to join us.

Introduction to economics: a short course for jobs and welfare activists.
This series of eight workshops will be held from 6.00pm – 8.00pm at our AAAP office,
86 Princes St, Onehunga.Snacks and drinks will be available from 5.40pm before each
session begins. This course is not academic. It is aimed at people who are taking
part in advocacy and action on jobs and welfare, and would like to understand a
little more about economics, and about the kinds of solutions that AAAP supports, as
opposed to those inflicted on us by neoliberal governments. You are welcome to come
to one, some or all of the workshops – but we ask you to register with us at contact
by Tuesday 2 April for the first four sessions. There is no charge for the
workshops, but a small donation from those who feel in a position to contribute
would be appreciated.

Part (a) Economics for beginners
1. The Economy and Me – looking at our own lives through the lens of ‘economics’.
Starting to identify and understand some key concepts. Wednesday 10 April
2. The Economy and Economics – introducing more key terms, with an update on recent
critical developments in the global and local scene. Tuesday 23 April.
3. The Government’s Budget May 16 – what are budgets? – how do they work? What do we
need to look out for on Budget Day from the point of view of beneficiaries,
unemployed people and low wage workers? Wednesday 8 May.
4. Unemployment – an overview. Historical context, why it exists, how capitalism
uses it to maximise profit at the expense of us all, paid workers, unemployed
workers and beneficiaries alike. Wednesday 22 May (b) Economics - Current issues.
This second part of the programme is aimed at those who attended the first sessions,
as well as others who may already have a grasp of basic economics, but who would
like to take part in learning and discussion around these particular issues.
5. Welfare policies, paid work and unemployment – how these interact with each other
from an economic perspective. Wednesday 5 June.
6. Universal Basic Income – what is it? What might a progressive version of UBI look
like in 2013? Introduction and discussion. Wednesday 19 June.
7. Decent Job Creation – in our current situation and beyond – key concepts, ideas,
challenges. Wednesday 3 July.
8. Challenging capitalism – beyond reforms within the system, looking forward to an
economics as if ordinary people and the environment mattered. Wednesday 17 July.

For more information, contact AAAP contact Ph 634 0591


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