We demand answers Chechnya!


Multiple news sources have confirmed that three men have died at the hands of a homophobic concentration camp in the Russian federal region of Chechnya. LGBTQI+ community and allies demand an official statement from Russia as to what is happening.

Gay men are now beginning to flee Chechnya as Russian activists say more than 100 gay men are being held in a detention centre, some even tortured. Three men are said to have been killed.

On Thursday the Parliamentary rainbow cross-party group revealed that they are urging Foreign Minister Murray McCully to condemn the situation.

Protest co-organiser Aatir Zaidi says it is important that people, not only in New Zealand but all over the world, speak up and condemn the actions in Chechnya.

“Even thinking about concentration camps and abduction in 2017 sounds so horrible and scary. Imagine a friend or family member being taken away. I am promoting queer-to-queer kindness. Gay men who are attacked in Russia should know that they are not alone. We stand with them here in New Zealand.”

“I think visibility is everything,” says Zaidi. “It is surprising that in 2017 we have to fight for our survival. This is such a breach of Human Rights. I think visibility is a slap on the face of countries and people who deny our existence.”

The protest is to be held at Auckland’s Aotea Square on Tuesday 18 April, from 6pm - 8pm and all are welcome to attend.

We are not living in dark ages. We need answers now and stop this from happening. We demand Minister of Foreign Affairs New Zealand to urge Russia to give an official statement to investigate and stop these concentration camps and brutality.
Feel free to bring posters, banners and placards. Allies, friends and family-everyone is welcome to join us.

Tuesday, 18 April
Steps of Aotea Square

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/119157045297771/
More info: https://www.lgbtnet.org/en/content/statement-made-novaya-gazeta-regarding-public-threats-editorial-staff


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