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Wellington’s Lighthouse Cuba Cinema will screen John Pilger's 'The Coming War on China' followed by a discussion panel with Nicky Hager and Gordon Campbell.

Wellington’s Lighthouse Cuba Cinema to Premiere Pilger’s, The Coming War on China

Date: 30th March 2017 @ 6 pm.

The screening will be followed by live Q&A panel:

## Nicky Hager – Wellington-based investigative journalist and writer. Nicky is the author of many books and commentary covering topics such as intelligence networks, environmental issues and politics.

## Gordon Campbell - Political Editor of Scoop Publishing and editor of the online arts and politics magazine Werewolf.

## Abi King-Jones (Moderator) - King-Jones has made a run of NZ film festival-selected documentaries in partnership with Errol Wright: Te Whānau o Aotearoa, The Last Resort, Operation 8 and The 5th Eye

The NZ Premiere of this important and timely film brings together a well-qualified panel to bring the film’s message home to New Zealanders. This event offers a unique opportunity to report on New Zealand’s collaboration with US Intelligence in conflict with its interests in China.

Coming straight after the election of President Trump, The Coming War on China is one of John Pilger’s most timely and urgent investigations. As Trump threatens China with a trade war and worse, this film is both a warning and an inspiring story of people’s resistance.

Filmed over two years in the Marshall Islands, Japan, Korea, China and the United States, The Coming War on China reveals a build-up to war on the doorstep of China. More than 400 US military bases now encircle China in what one strategist calls “a perfect noose”.

Bringing together rare archive and interviews with witnesses, Pilger reveals America’s secret history in the region – the destruction of much of life in the Marshall Islands, once a paradise, by the explosion of the equivalent of one Hiroshima every day for 12 years, and the top secret ‘Project 4.1’ that made nuclear guinea pigs of the population.


**** 4 stars "A gripping film ... a strong corrective to our bland and complacent indifference" -- Guardian

“_The great lunacy of [what Pilger's film reveals] is that the brinkmanship is driven not by America's defensive needs but by the hunt for profits._” - Karl Quinn, Sydney Morning Herald

“_This documentary sheds some hope, even if the reality we face could very well be doomed. Pilger is a prevailing light of truth and shows that light exactly._” -Louise Agostino, Filmblerg

“_It sounds like alarmist talk, but over the course of his film, his tenacity for research aims to prove it’s anything but._” – John Noonan, FILMLINK

“_His take on American militarism and its shocking exploitation of Pacific territories such as the Marshall Islands…. is damning._”- Craig Mathieson, Brisbane Times

"John Pilger is the reason I am a journalist, for which I owe him deep gratitude" -- Stephen Romei, The Australian.

Watch the trailer:


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